Study Session Must-Haves in College


With midterms right around the corner, classes are starting to pick up, the stakes have gotten a little bit higher, and you’re probably getting a lot less sleep!

Needless to say, this time of year can be very stressful for most college students, and studying for an exam can put on the pressure. However, with a few key items in your bag on every trip to the library, you can make those study sessions much easier on yourself!

1.) Your water bottle


There’s a good chance if you’re locking down for a study session, you might be there for several hours. You don’t want to get stuck without any water! Staying well is imperative- both for the sake of studying and for getting through your exams. Keeping your water bottle with you at all times ensures that you’re taking care of yourself while you study. Stay hydrated!

2.) Snacks!

1101p28-best-granola-bars-xAlong the same lines, you’re not fully prepared to lock down for a 2-3 hour study session without a few snacks to keep you going! After a little while, you’ll reach that burnt-out point. Trying to study through the fog won’t do you much good from there, so take a 15-20 minute break every hour or so. Grabbing a small, healthy snack in that time is a great way to re-energize and stay motivated.

3.) Earphones


Maybe you’re the kind of person who studies best with music in the background. Maybe you have a clip you need to analyze for a film class, or maybe you’re seeking the help of a few instructional videos for your Chemistry studying. Regardless of the reason, it’s always a good idea to have a pair of headphones on hand just in case. The last thing you want to do is annoy everyone around you in the library by blasting a video out of your laptop speakers!

4.) Whiteboard Markers

WIS1061Sometimes a change of scenery can do you good…if you’re starting to get a little burnt out drawing those chemical structures in your notebook, try switching to the whiteboard (if you’re studying in a classroom). Having whiteboard markers on hand is also good for some creative cleansing during a break! Doodle away!

5.) A Mini-Stapler

stadinstamin368cWhether you’re printing out several pages worth of study guides, essays, maps, etc…you want to make sure you’re keeping everything separated and organized. Keeping a mini-stapler in your backpack will ensure that you’ll never have to go shoving all those loose papers away until you can staple everything in class the day it’s due.

Good luck, and happy studying!

What’s always in your bag on a trip to the library?

3 Ways to De-stress before Midterms


With school in full swing and midterms soon upon us, it can be really stressful to balance all the various tests and class work along with the extra clubs and activities. With that in mind, I wanted to share the three things I like to do when I get really stressed to help me relax and take my mind off everything for a little while.

1. Go to the Gym

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 5.12.22 PM

Sometimes the best way to relax is to just sweat it out. The gym is the perfect place to take out all your frustrations from classes and it’s good for you too. Try a fitness class or grab a friend and walk the track. My personal favorite is the sauna, you can just feel the weight of any stress you may have lifting off your shoulders. So if you’ve hit a road block in your studying or just can’t talk it out anymore, head over to the gym and distract yourself. You’ll be sure to feel rejuvenated afterwards.

2. Have a Girls Night

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 5.13.54 PM

A girls night is another great way to take a break from all the hustle! Invite all your girlfriends over, load up on sweet and salty snacks and pop in your favorite film. Being with the girls is instantly relaxing because you know that you can vent to them and they will listen and comfort you. And in most cases they have some the same classes and tests as you so they can relate. When you all get together it makes for a relaxing and fun evening.

3. Call Home

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 5.16.08 PM

When I get super stressed or don’t know what to do, I always call my mom. Even though she might have the answer, just hearing her voice and getting to talk things through with her helps ten fold.  Sometimes you just want to feel like you at home even though you can’t actually be there.

Hopefully one of this things will come in handy as midterms get going! And good luck on all those tests too!


5 Things to Be Sure of During Midterms


Professors say midterms are a time to report how students are doing halfway throughout the semester. Students say its a time designed to make our lives harder. Either way its a time we will have to endure no matter what, check out some tips below to make your days during midterms bearable.

Stay hydrated

As small as it may seem, staying hydrated constantly will serve as an advantage. You are helping yourself become less prone to becoming sick during a time when the amount of students with the sniffles is exorbitant. Grab yourself a reusable water bottle to take with you to class, the gym, and when you’re running to the library for those study hours.

Get Rest

At times it may feel like there is not enough hours in the day. Time has to be set aside for homework, class, friends, and countless amounts of other things. However, pulling all-nighters throughout the week or only getting rest for 2-4 hours does the body no good. You will most likely oversleep the next time you do get some shut eye, or you will just feel out of whack for majority of your day.


Set a schedule and stick to it. In the long run it will only benefit you because your time is stretched so thin between weeks it’s going to be impossible to remember everything. If you set the time for how long you will do each activity, you will have time left over to relive tension. Try yoga or taking a hot shower shower and using aromatherapy products. Fifteen minutes of pampering will go a long way when under pressure.

Stay Positive

During midterms feeling overwhelmed is at a high. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that work will only be this demanding for about two weeks, and then sure enough you will be on break and back at home enjoying yourself with old friends.


Through midterm week, and the week leading up to midterms be sure to eat right. Although eating properly should be exercised all the time, these weeks are more imperative compared to the rest of the school year. Replace cheese pizza with a leafy salad, and choose trail mix or a granola bar over sweets.