Meet Asher Carr, PSU ’16

Asher Carr, 16'. RHA President at Penn State Altoona

Asher Carr, 16′. RHA President at Penn State Altoona

Asher Carr, a rising Junior at Penn State University-Altoona, is a great example of a student leader with a unique, ongoing story of success and perseverance. He is a former cadet in the University’s ROTC program as well as President of the Altoona Residence Hall Association. It was his role in the RHA that lead him to CAACURH in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania and the NACURH Conference in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he met up with OCM.

As delegates from different regions travel to these conferences, so travels word of their service to campus and community. Asher caught up with OCM rep Mike Barnes to discuss his perspective on the importance of student leadership.

“[At NACURH] the number of student leaders and their ambition to make a change on their respective campuses was amazing,” reflected Asher on his first national conference. “It is amazing to be around people who will not settle for less and take time to make on-campus life better for their peers.

NACURH highlighted programming that encouraged diversity, sustainability, community, and leadership for delegates to bring back to their campuses. Asher shared how he took notice of this leadership when he was an underclassman on the Penn State campus.

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Mike Barnes of OCM, Sydney Eason from Roger Williams University, Zach Chase from Syracuse University and Rachel Olson from Boston College connect at NACURH ’14

“As a first-year student, I looked for desire and ambition; people who wanted to succeed,” he said. “I wanted to learn from people who brought value to others and had the wisdom to influence them to lead. A person with a burning desire to make things happen was the type of person I viewed as a success story.”

Asher currently writes his own unique success story. At just two days old, Asher underwent open-heart surgery, which granted him another chance to begin his journey.  “I try to do a lot because I was really close to not making it. That’s my drive for taking leadership,” he said. The surgery continues to affect some of the goals he set; a desire to serve in the United States military had to be amended as the demands of military training are not conducive to his condition. Asher sees this not as a limitation, but a motivation. He aims to apply his energy to serve as a leader in any way he can.

“If you really want something, I think you have to follow the people who have it and surround yourself with people who are willing to help,” he said. “Don’t let society dictate who you are or what you should do. Success happens on purpose and with a strong desire to succeed, you can literally do anything you want.”

Every student has their own unique story; their own “why” that motivates them. The goal of a college campus, and those who work within it, is to provide opportunities for students to discover that “why”. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities? Get involved.

“I wanted to get involved in the right way [as a first year],” Asher continued. “I joined organizations that interested me the most and stayed committed to helping each organization grow on campus; these lead me to multiple executive board positions. I plan on extending these opportunities.”

With two years left as an undergrad, Asher looks forward to continuing his Business Major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and eventually starting his own business. Not surprisingly, he also hopes to inspire others through leadership. When asked what he would like to do after starting his own business, he shared he would like to take his mother to Disney World- how’s that for a storybook story?

Keep it up, Asher! For your dedication to R.O.T.C, RHA, your campus and your community, we thank you for your service and your story! Keep leading the way.

OCM’s “Engage U” is designed as a resource that shares positive examples of leadership and stories of success and the pursuit of it with students and professionals alike. In an educational community that spans across our country and abroad, there is an endless number of stories we can learn from. Everyone has a lesson to learn and a lesson to offer- we want to help share. Welcome to “Engage U”! What’s your story?

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How to Decorate with Polka Dots- OCM Style!


It all began when photographs of Miss America of 1926, Norma Smallwood, showed the beauty posing joyfully in a polka-dot swimsuit.  After that, Walt Disney introduced the stylish animated mouse, Minnie, dressed in a polka dot red dress with matching hair bow, designer Christian Dior created collections around the print, and singers like Frank Sinatra and Bryan Hyland released hit songs about women wearing polka dots.  In 1940, the Los Angelos Times stated, “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you’ll never regret it.”  Even then, the fashion world knew that this playful and feminine pattern would be a constant force in seasonal trends—and, boy, were they right!

Since its first arrival on the scene in the late 1920’s, polka dots have undergone some slight modernization, but its youthful, energetic legacy is still intact.  Today, polka dots can be seen on the runways of high fashion shows, printed on cellphone and laptop cases, and in room and home décor.  Of course, the latter being our favorite category, below are some ways in which you can use polka dots to decorate your room.

In the Bathroom

Mimicking the shape of bubbles, the bathroom is a great place to incorporate polka dots.  While some people might prefer using the pattern as an accent detail, we think there is no reason to skimp on dots when it comes to the bathroom.  Just make sure each item you choose has the same color scheme to avoid making the room like a clown’s changing room. Some of our favorite bath items include this polka dot shower curtain and bath rug (which goes perfect with this Chrome Doodle trash can).



Why not make your bed the focal point in the room by covering it in polka dots?  Gone are the days where a bed simply consisted of one sheet, one comforter, and a pillow.  Now, a bed cannot be complete without some embellished throw pillows and decorative blankets, like this Hello Kitty blanket.  One take we recommend is for your bedding pieces to have a color scheme where two colors alternate between dot color and background color.  For instance, your pillows could have a scheme of white dots against black background, while your sheets could consist of black dots against a white background, and so on.



Polka dots are the perfect pattern to help turn mundane room accessories into stylish attention grabbers.  Here at OCM, we have tons of polka dotted accessories to help organize the clutter in your room, and look great doing it. One of our favorites are these black and blue polka dot hangers.   A must-have is our Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals—write upcoming assignments or your favorite quotes and plop on the walls around your room. Either way, they’re the perfect way to complete your polka dot decorated room


Incorporating polka dots into your dorm room will create a playful, feminine, and stylish atmosphere.  Since there is no real rule-of-thumb when it comes to how much polka dots is too many polka dots, you can use your discretion.  If you decide you want your room in floor to ceiling dots, just make sure they are the same color scheme and patterns range from cluttered dots, to more spread out.  And of course, always have fun when choosing to decorate your room with polka dots, since that is what the print exudes!


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Have you ever thought about what your dream dorm would look like? Did you envision soft, fluffy carpets massaging your feet when you step out of bed in the morning? What about colorful wall decals to give your space some depth? Maybe your dream dorm would have a plush comforter set with matching throw pillows galore. Whatever your dream dorm may look like, now you can make it a reality. OCM and Her (the ever-so-stylish campus gurus!) have partnered up to offer a $1000 credit to the winner of their “Dream Dorm” Pinterest contest! WHAT? A contest on Pinterest to win $1000 to OCM? Count me in.

Those of you already addicted to Pinterest are fully aware of how addicting and pleasantly time consuming it is. Since you’re already on there pinning away, OCM decided to make things more interesting by hosting a chance for you to create your own ‘Dream Dorm’ board. The rules are simple; pin at least 12 items from to your ‘Dream Dorm’ board and tag them with #DreamDormOCM. Follow OCM on Campus on Pinterest as well as (an amazingly addicting site full of articles, polls, surveys and blogs for college girls everywhere) and let us see what you’ve got! If you want to check out some other “Dream Dorm” board examples, head on over to Pinterest and locate OCM on Campus’ page. Click our followers and get inspired by all the awesome dorm boards in creation! Some of you are so creative and we’re loving how you’re using items to distinguish your boards from the rest! Be creative, were watching!

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Spice Up your Dorm Room


Decorative throw pillows are a must for your dorm room. Pillows are a great way to spice up your living space and add a pop of bright color. They’re also a necessity on movie nights when you’ve got 7 friends crammed into your itsy-bitsy college room. So whether you’re tossing them on the futon, or jazzing up your bedding, here are a few fabulous options for your residence hall.

Mardi Gras Pillows:

Bring the party with you! Our chic Mardi Gras throw pillows are soft and cuddly. They’re perfect to relax on while you study for your exam or update your Facebook status.

Shagalicious Pillows:

Soft and fluffy our Shagalicious throw pillows are perfect for afternoon naps and late-night movie get-togethers. Available in a variety of bright colors, it’s easy to find the pillow that will look good with your dorm decor.

Pillow Images:

Create a sophisticated and comfortable place to relax in your dorm with classic images and designs that everyone will love. Check out our collection, which includes images of Marilyn Monroe, New York City, Paris, and more.

Expressive Pillows:

Make a statement with a witty or sentimental expression that will brighten your dorm and make your roommate smile. The simple designs and bright colors make these pillows the perfect accessory for any bedding set.

Poodle Pillows:

This soft, textured pillow looks great on your extra-long twin bed or futon. It’s smooth on one side and textured on the other, making it the perfect pillow to rest your head on after an all-night cram session.

Start shopping now!

Creating an Organized Dorm Room


Dorm rooms are small. Squeezing in all of your clothes, school supplies, and knickknacks might be a real challenge, especially since half the space belongs to your new roommate. But it can be done. You just have to find a way to neatly organize everything.

Find a Spot for all your Belongings:

Everything you own, from your laptop to your dirty laundry, should have a designated place in your dorm. Don’t just throw your stuff everywhere when you unpack, make sure you know where each thing belongs.

Bring Extra Shelves and Hooks:

Since wardrobe space is limited, extra hanging shelves to place folded sweaters, pants, etc. are always a good idea. You can put twice as much stuff in the same place with these shelves. Also, don’t forget to bring along sticky hooks for the wall as well as over the door hangers. These tools will come in useful throughout the year, especially if you have bulky winter coats and wet towels to hang.

Make Use of the Space under your bed:

Don’t waste even a single inch of space in your dorm. Under the bed storage bins will allow you to stow away out of season clothes, handbags, and school supplies that you don’t use everyday. These storage bins are out of sight, but they’re not hard to get into when you need to find something quickly.

Colorful storage Boxes:

Brightly colored storage boxes might be the perfect addition to your dorm. Place them on your bookshelf, desk, or on top of your wardrobe to add even more storage space to your room. You can easily toss the things that just don’t have a home into these bins.

Organize your shoes:

Don’t just leave your shoes in a pile on the floor or kick them under the bed. Instead bring along a shoe organizer that will make it easy for you to put them away and find them when your running late for class.

New RHL Summer 2012 Patterns Now Available!


Residence Hall Linens latest line of dorm bedding is now available. Check out some of the new designs below as well as some tips on decorating your college living space. Check out our complete collection of linens at

– Floral Vines

We’ve offset this classic black and white combo with vibrant red accents that make the room stand out. The New York and Paris images balance out the natural theme, and we love how the flowing vines lead to the Love Wallpop! Shop Now!

-Black/Grey Blocks

Who says guys don’t have style? We love the casual laid back theme of this room. Check out the unique dangling lights and the humorous poster on the wall. It’s easy to add your personality to your room. Shop Now!

Grape Chevron

In this room, we’ve blended this season’s most popular colors to create a comfortable living space. Japanese lanterns are a fun, affordable way to add vertical interest to any dorm room! Shop Now!

-Zebra Deep Pink

Bold, adventurous, fascinating so many different words describe this room and likely the girl who lives in it. We love to pair our Zebra print with bright, vibrant colors that attract the eye. Shop Now!

-Vintage Blue Lace

Vintage is in, and this room is a great way to show off your style. We’ve added a bit of sparkle with the chandelier and the Audrey Hepburn poster. But the nature stills and square canvases also contribute a feeling of peace and tranquility. Shop Now!

-Navy Arcade

We’ve courageously combined stripes and dots to create this stylish statement, and we love it. The artwork and accessories add a soothing and relaxed feel to the room, inviting you to kick of your shoes and settle in. Shop Now!


Get in touch with nature with this peaceful, country-style dorm. Check out the amazing flea market finds: the old birdcage, trellis, and metal bucket for towels. Shop Now!

-Grape Lace

The iconic New York Skyline on the wall decal, the Audrey Hepburn poster, and the ruffled lamp are the perfect foils for this vintage lace bedding. We’ve added a few pops of color with each pillow! Shop Now!

-Navy Blue Chevron

An array of different colors are casually blended together in this room. Make it your own by highlighting your favorite color or a variety of different hues. Shop Now!

-Floral Vines with Aqua

Bright colors look amazing when their mixed with black and white. If you love aqua than this room is perfect for you. Shop Now!

Check out our other patterns here.