No Greater Gift than Care of a Friend


October is a month of changes; leaves fall, temperatures shift, sports seasons begin and end. It is also inevitable that in this month, many face changes in their lives that are much more challenging, changes to their health and their lifestyle. One thing remains constant. There is no greater gift than the care of a friend.
OCM extends support to anyone who may be facing such challenges. The video above is dedicated to Ray Frazer, a friend and OCM employee currently leading a brave fight against Leukemia, and to anyone facing their own similar challenges. At the heart of what OCM does is an appreciation for what a little support from friends and family can do.

Perhaps that takes the form of a Care Package, a Teddy Bear, or a simple message from family that says “Keep goin!” To Ray and all of our friends, campus partners, colleagues and customers, “Keep Goin’! We are here if you need us.”


The OCM Team