Organization is Key: Keeping Your Wardrobe and Jewelry In Line with Emma Z


Hello again!

My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. A topic that I usually don’t blog about but that is extremely important, especially in college, is organization. I want to share some tips & tricks (and a peak into my closet) that I use to help me stay organized.

Managing classes, social life, and work can be difficult, but when you come home to a messy room the anxiety is amplified! Something that always helped me clear my mind and get back on track is organizing my closet.

My number one tip is to maximize closet space, especially in dorm rooms, closet space is extremely limited. I know most will say “bring what you need” but to me that includes at least 20 pairs of shoes (I know I know, sometimes maybe even more…).

In order to maximize my closet space I used (& still use the same ones from college) closet organizers:


They are perfect for fitting WAY more clothes/shoes/etc. in a small closet. You can fit up to 10 shirts in each cubby! When it came to moving in and out of college I would take these down and throw them right in the car! No packing needed! Another good idea are things like belt holders. They are an easy way to get your belts off the floor and displayed in your closet.


A great investment to make is Clutter Free Hangers. You will be amazed at how much more stuff you will be able to hang by streamlining and using these anti-slip super skinny hangers. Trust me, you will love these things! I can’t get enough (no really, I need more!)


Another tip that I have is to keep things visual. The old phrase is “out of sight out of mind” and I believe that. How many times do you look through the dark parts of your closet and go “Oh yeah, I remember this I should wear it more”. I find that this happens with jewelry especially. A way to help with this is to get a jewelry organizer, I love this Little Black Dress Hanging Organizer. This is perfect because on one side you can add your necklaces, on the other side your bracelets, rings and earrings. Once they are all in their proper spots you can literally hang this up in your closet and have access at any time to the pieces on display! Hang it right next to your outfits to quickly through on a piece to pull together your outfit and run to class!




It is never to late to get organized, especially in college when you have to move in and out of dorms. It will pay to be organized and use these items to be an efficient and fashionable student!

Fall Weather Calls for Fall Clothes!


It’s official… Summer has with out a doubt reached its end. No longer are the days of hot weather and trips to the pool. Your flip flops go into hibernation and your Uggs and rain boots make their debut. Now that there is no need for you to have immediate access to your summer clothes, what do you do with them? Having adequate storage to lay those tanks and skirts to rest for the Fall and Winter seasons is essential in small space living.

Since Fall clothes are relatively more bulky, they tend to take up more space in your closet and drawers. To make room for those extra hoodies and sweatpants, it’s imperative to store away your summer clothes in empty space around your room such as under your bed. Storing places such as under your bed or in a trunk maximizes the usable space in your room and helps you stay organized. So, if you’re feeling the chill of Fall and are ready to pack away those bikinis and bring out the peacoats, here’s a few ways you can organize and store!

1) Under The Bed-
This method of storage is brilliant AND trendy at the same time! You can buy different sized under the bed storage units to best suit your needs. They are available in different colors as well as fabrics. This pink under the bed storage unit is a cute way to add a pop of color from under your bed while still serving a purpose!

2) It’s a Seat, Table, and a Storage Cube?

These storage cubes are a perfect way to add that extra inch of personalization to your room while still storing away those extra items. Available in multiple colors, these cubes can hold your unused textbooks, summer clothes, music collection and more. Stack them up or lay them flat for a design that fits you! Easy care fabric washes with soap and water and lasts through college. Set of two (2).

3) Bed Risers

Now these may just look like the perfect sand castle mold, but really they’re so much cooler than that. These bed risers go under the corners of your bed to lift it off the ground. Not only does this raise your bed higher in the air for extra room to stock up on throw pillows and comforters, but it also creates 3x the storage space under your bed! Available in black and white, these risers are an essential.

4) Hanging Closet Organizer

Have some extra towels that are clean and ready to use, but no where to put them? What about those extra pairs of jeans you brought but wont store neatly in your dresser? These hanging closet organizers are a great way to maximize your closet space! Available in many colors such as black, brown, blue, pink and purple, these hanging organizers can match practically any room decor for seamless personalization. Need more or less space? Browse the various sizes and check out the hanging shoe rack too!

5) The College Staple: The Trunk

No college dorm room is complete without a sturdy trunk to store all things college related. Have parent weekend coming up? Store all your important items in your trunk and protect them from any eyes or hands you don’t want touching your cherished belongings. The trunk is a great way to store the essentials AND it serves as an extra side table, step stool, chair or shelf! Available in multiple colors. Rugged construction from waterproof, dent proof, scratch-proof exterior 1000d Cordura sheathing that’s laminated over 3/8″ Baltic Birch hardwood plywood. All the durability of a steel steamer trunk but about 20% less weight.

6) Extra Closet Rod (Your roomie will be thrilled you brought this!)

Hang it in your closet or purchase a free standing shelf to hang all your stylish threads. This smart solutions closet doubler serves as an extra rack to allow you and your roomie to fit everything nice and neat in that small dorm room closet. This is a college must have!

Interested in other items that can maximize your dorm room storage space? Check em’ out here!