Move in Day Madness! 11 Things you need to bring to college


Dorm Room Packing

Congrats newest freshman! You made it to your first day of college! Welcome to move in day! This might have consisted of crying to your parents about how much you’re going to miss them, or spending 8 hours making your room just the way you want it. Well, I have a few tips on what things you won’t regret bringing from home. How do you envision your ideal dorm room for this upcoming fall? Christmas lights and tapestries hung up? Sofas and canvas wall hangings? Let’s take a look at what I used for my room and what things were really needed.

Dorm Room

My room at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

What important things to bring from home: 

1. Mini Fridge

  • Leftover pizza, midnight snacks and your daily dose of Arizona Iced Tea. Buying a fridge is the perfect idea for an on the go breakfast or keeping your water bottle cold. My roommate bought one before we moved in and it definitely was worth the money! Go out and buy yourself a mini fridge!

2. Dorm Space saver!

  • Even though you think you have enough space no matter how big your dorm is, you will not regret buying this! A Dorm Space Saver (be it a trunk or under the bed storage) will keep all of your personal belongings in an organized space.

3. iHome

  • Don’t forget about your alarm clock for those 8 am classes! It definitely helps me when I need to wake up early for those 9AMs. An iHome will become your best friend. It has a charger for your phone, AM/FM stations, Bluetooth and so much more.

4. Fan, Fan, Fan!

  • Depending on which school you go to, most freshman dorm rooms don’t supply air conditioning. Definitely bring those fans with you because it gets very hot! Large or small, it does not matter!

5. Trunk

  •  A trunk is another great way to store anything you don’t need immediate access to — think winter blankets or clothing that’s out of season. You can also use this as a way to liven up your space. Slap on a bunch of bumper stickers and band stickers for an indie look, or spray paint it in your favorite colors.

6.  Plastic Storage bins

  • For all of you who complain to your mom how you don’t have enough space around the room, buying these bins was worth every penny! I know that I couldn’t fit all my stuff in that small closet they give us so buying these bins made my life so much easier! It helped me organize them from underwear to sweaters I will not be using now, towels, sheets and gym clothes!

7. Command Hooks

  • The easiest, cheapest and best way to hang up your picture frames, tapestries and a DIY canvas. You can pretty much find these anywhere – and you’ll be glad you bought them. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.39.08 PM

8. Hangers

  • For all of those clothes us ladies bring, you must must must bring over 50 hangers… I know it seems like a bit much but you will not regret it! I brought so many hangers and it kept my closet organized from dresses, pants, skirts and shorts.

9. Light Up Make Up Mirror

  • Do you really want to put on a full face of makeup on in the dark for an 8 am? Invest in a mirror with a light, specifically one that gifts off natural, daylight hues.

10. Coffee Machine

  • Espresso, chai teas and much more! Who doesn’t love their early morning coffee? I know I can’t live without my daily dose of tea!

11. Batteries

  • You might be thinking right now why would I need to bring a pack of batteries? When I say trust me, trust me because I needed so many batteries setting up my dorm room, for things like remotes and lights!

Summer Before College Series 35: Packing


Happy Friday, fellow bloggers and students!

With less than a month to go, you may want to start thinking about how you are going to pack up your entire room at home. What materials will you use? How will you make sure that you do not forget anything? In this blog, I would like to give and describe several tips on how to make the packing process easier.

The packing process itself can be very intimidating. Most of you probably feel that you have no idea where to start. That is definitely okay! Follow my tips below and you will have absolutely no problems at all!

  1. Make a list. This is the most important/helpful tip that I have to offer! This list will prevent you from forgetting anything! First, sit down and write a list of everything that you use or wear every day, including your bathroom essentials. Make sure to think carefully! You do not want to miss anything! After completing this task, go around your room and other parts of your house that house your possessions. Add items that you believe you will need while at college. Then, you will have made a list of everything that you will need!
  2. Keep only the necessities in mind. This tip really comes in handy while making your list described above. Freshmen dorms tend to be small and cramped. You can only fit so much in them. Do not take items that you think you may only use in certain situations. Trust me. You never end up using them, so try to leave them at home if at all possible. If you find that you do need them while you are at school, have your parents or guardians ship them to you!
  3. Use bins. This tip is no secret. Most college students use bins to transfer their items and for a good reason! Bins keep your items secure and protect them from getting smashed or completely messed up. Nothing is worse than arriving at school and realizing that you broke your favorite mirror-I know from experience! Make sure to use bins as much as you can so that you can avoid the problems that I had!
  4. Do grocery shopping at your school. I only learned this tip during my second year of college. I only recommend this tip to those of you who are lacking space in your cars. If you are in need of space, then do not pack any items that can be bought at a grocery store. There will most likely be a grocery store near your campus where you can purchase all of your essentials. Walking the isles will also help you to remember anything you may have forgotten. Not sure where the closest grocery store is to your campus? Call your university to ask!
  5. Use a big vehicle. No matter who you are, you will need a big vehicle to transfer all of your items. You are moving to a place for four months which requires a lot of necessities!

Keep these five tips in mind and you will surely have an easy packing/travel process!

Are you excited for the next step in your life?


Packing to Go Home: 3 Things Not to Forget to Remember


The semester is almost completely over, and you’re heading back home to live for the summer. You’re so excited to get off campus and back to the comforts of home cooked meals, free toothpaste and someone to do your laundry as soon as it piles up. What’s standing in your way? That dorm full of all your belongings that need to be packed up and loaded in the car before you can make that leap home.

In the midst of packing and the excitement of heading home, there’s sure to be a few things that will slip right by you. We’ve all encountered that feeling of leaving for a trip without a crucial belonging or leaving a hotel and realizing you left something sitting on the counter, after your 5 states away. So before you have a chance to accidentally forget, here’s 3 things you may want to remember before you close that residence hall door for the last time this semester.

1) Get Back Any Belongings From Friends or Dorm Mates – Living with someone else is a great addition to your wardrobe. Don’t like something you packed? No worries, you have an alternate closest full of someone else’s taste just a few steps away. You can wear something of your roomie’s without worrying about a price tag attached (unless you rip or ruin it, so be careful to not do that). Your roomie gets the same benefits, of course, and you spend the semester sharing styles and clothing. The problem is that at the end of the semester you get so caught up in final exams, packing up and closing all of your standing obligations that you forget to retrieve your belongings from your roommate. Sure, they can give it to you when you both return, or it can be shipped in a box, but if your roommate really loves that item of clothing -and so do you,- it may be hard getting in contact with them to get it back. To be better safe than sorry, plan a night for you and your roommate to go through all of your clothing as it’s being packed together so you can trade off and exchange what’s not yours.

2) Use Those Meal Swipes – There comes a point in time in your college career where you feel just too tired to go to the cafeteria and would rather cook a bowl of Ramen Soup in your room while dozing off watching The Voice. We totally get it. After a long day of studies and college life, that walk to the cafeteria could be a daunting journey to take. Once your semester gets to the end of it’s road, you really should spend more time in the cafeteria. Why? Your parents pay big bucks to make sure you have warm, fresh meals from the cafeteria. And, some schools don’t incorporate a “roll over” meal swipe plan, so if you don’t use all your swipes, you lose them. Save money and skip the Ramen towards the end of the semester if you have left over swipes. For one, you’ll get less tired of Ramen Noodles, and two, you’ll have a selection of food in the cafeteria to choose from. You’ll also probably not have to wake up suddenly when you spill the broth on yourself after falling asleep. Just sayin’.

3) Keep A Close Eye When Throwing Away Trash: Secure those important documents: Packing up to go home means you’re taking things out of places that haven’t been moved or seen since you moved in. Under the bed, the back of the closet, or jammed in a drawer full of various things you’ve collected. There’s no need to take paper wristbands from events home or assignment directions you’ve saved with your schoolwork, but it IS important to filter out the documents that are important. If you took a prerequisite to a class and are taking the next level of that class in the following semester, it would be a good idea to keep those notes and assignments near by for clarification. Any important documents about finances, class schedules and administrative matters should also be kept. Make sure to organize your papers and store them neatly for your trip home. You’ll be thankful you did it later when you get home and need to refer back to something from earlier in the semester that you don’t really remember.


What other three things do you think are important not to forget before you move home for the summer? Let us know!

The Essential Freshman Move-in Checklist


No one wants to forget something on Move-in Day, especially with the current gas prices. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money tracking down a replacement. So don’t leave anything at home when you move into the residence halls. In order to stay organized and ensure you’ve got all of your dorm room supplies. Use the handy checklist below to keep track of everything you need.

For your Extra-long Twin Bed

Xl Twin sheets

Bedspread, comforter, or quilt

Extra Blanket



Extra Pillowcases

Throw Pillow(s)

Backrest pillow

XL Mattress Pad

XL Mattress cover

For the Dorm Room

Alarm Clock

Bedside light and/or clip lamp


Floor lamp

Book shelves

Trash can


Beside rug/carpet

Surge Protector (check school requirements)

For your Bathroom


Hand towels

Soap, razor, lotion etc

Shower tote


Shower shoes/sandals

Hair and makeup supplies

Storage and Organizational Supplies

Trunk w/ lock

Hangers (bring more than you need)

Under the bed storage containers

Laundry hamper

Desk drawer organizer

Hanging garment organizer

Shoe rack

Bedside hanging shelf

For Entertainment


DVD player

Ipod player

Video game consoles and controllers

Camera and charger


Cell phone

All chargers/connection cordss

Dorm Room Decor



Wall shelf

Dry erase board (hang it on the door to leave messages for your roommate(s)




Cleaning and Other Supplies

Trash bags

Window/mirror cleaner


Small vacuum


Bucket (use your trashcan as a double)


Bathroom cleaner (if private bathroom)

Paper towels


Light bulbs


Classroom Necessities

Computer and power cord

Laptop lock







Backpack or tote


Hole puncher



Printer and USB cord

Kitchen Supplies

Plates (just 2 or 3 will work)




Water filter

Refrigerator/freezer (if allowed)

Microwave (if allowed)

Plastic containers

Emergency snacks and quick meals

Reusable water bottle

Pot (preferably microwave and stove-top safe)

Coffee pot (if allowed)

Emergency Supplies

First aid kit

Sewing Kit


Tool kit

For Bad Weather


Rain jacket

Snow boots

Rain boots

Winter coat