Aussie Fashion and Greenery



Just when we thought that Pantone can’t surprise us anymore, they’ve managed to do just that. In the previous years, we had something a bit easier to work with: Marsala and pastels have always been easy to combine and add to our outfits. Greenery, on the other hand, is as beautiful as it is difficult to wear. This wonderful color is the perfect embodiment of nature, health, and the new beginning that every spring brings. This year, it’s all about Greenery, and while the rest of the world may struggle to incorporate it into their looks, Aussies are overjoyed. They are well known for their love for bright colors, so it’s their time to shine.


Greenery in the streets

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Aussie girls love wearing clothes inspired by nature: floral prints, bright colors and flowy materials can be seen everywhere you look, and they love experimenting too. Australian designers can do anything — the girls in the streets are dressed in comfortable clothes, but with luxurious accessories and feminine pieces. Green miniskirts with ankle boots and button down polka dot shirts; skinny jeans with moss green cashmere sweaters — or even bright green coats under which you can spot one-shoulder printed blouses paired perfectly with cropped pants, waist wonderfully accentuated with a leather belt are just some of the outfits you might see.

Wear it to work or college

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‘When in doubt, wear black’ is the unwritten rule of the fashion industry, probably as old as time, but sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment a bit, Aussie style. Yes, black pencil skirt and stilettos will make you look great, but instead of wearing a plain white shirt, why not wear a bright green one? It will still be elegant and sophisticated, but it will also make you look fresh and youthful. Slim, cropped pants in bright green will not stick out too much if you pair them with something neutral like gray, beige, and white. Also, a green dress will not be over-the-top if you wear black pumps and put on a black jacket.

Wild nights out

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Is there a better way to stand out in a crowd than to wear something bright and bold? Off-shoulder bandeau crop tops pair perfectly with high-waist pencil skirts and pumps, and if one of those is bright green, there is just no chance you’ll stay unnoticed even in a crowded club. Playsuits are also popular, so by wearing it and lifting your hair in a high bun, you can get that edgy yet corporate look. A light, flowy dress combined with a clutch bag and cute flats will make you look like a delicate, feminine girl who just stepped out of a fairy tale.

The devil is in the details

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Even though Australians love to keep things casual, they still know where to draw the line. For those who are still reluctant to wear all-green, there is a way to incorporate this popular color into your everyday fashion easily. Discreet details are as important for the overall outfit as big pieces like pants, or shoes. A lovely pair of earrings, a nice bag, silk shawl, or a brooch that matches your nail polish or eyeshadow will make you look great and point out just how much you pay attention to details. Sometimes it’s enough to wear a statement necklace, or a cocktail ring to completely transform your look from ordinary to luxurious.

Australia has always been special: exotic, unusual, and even a bit dangerous, but Aussies are known worldwide for their laid-back attitudes. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they have always been known for their extravagant style which was different from strict styles of New York, Paris, and Milan. It looks like the world will be looking at Aussies for a bit of inspiration when it comes to fashion, and the Land Down Under sure has a lot to offer.

Radiant Orchid – Color of 2014



It’s 2014, also known as the year of Radiant Orchid!  Or at least it is according to Pantone which has recently revealed this purple-pink color as their color for 2014.  Never heard of Pantone color of the year?  Well Pantone Inc., which is considered the “authority on color” has been selecting one lucky color every year that soon tends to appear everywhere from fashion, to household items, to even automobiles.  From celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway, to paint swatches in your local hardware store, this color is everywhere.  You know the mint and emerald green that has been seen everywhere this past year? Well that is thanks to Pantones Color of the Year 2013, Emerald.

How does the color make the cut?

So how does one decide what color everyone will be wearing or what color will be the most popular decorative pillow color for this year?  A super-secret meeting in Europe of course!  No really, that is how they decide.  First they interview top designers, and professionals in every type of industry.  Then based on their feedback Pantone meets in a capital in Europe that changes every year and pick the color.  They decide this an entire year in advance so even though they’ve introduce Radiant Orchid recently, they’re already deciding what you will be wearing next year.

Color swatches

Get your hands on Radiant Orchid!

There are plenty of ways to start sporting this color.  Beginning in 2012 Sephora has been creating Sephora Pantone Universe Collection starting in 2012 with the Tangerine Tango color.  The makeup line makes this color wearable for eyes, to nails and everywhere in between and it’s the perfect accessory to any look especially in the coming summer months.  This color also can be used to add that perfect pop of color to any wall or sofa.  Adding it to any room will give the room an inviting and embracing appeal and the perfect girlish touch.  If you want to add some flare to your morning brew, Keurig has now added this color coffee maker to their lineup.

Keep your eyes peeled through the coming months and you’ll see just how prevalent this color will be!


Need some ideas how to dress up your room with Radiant Orchid for 2014?  Here are some perfect decorative pillows and wall art that feature this color!

Radiant Orchid Peacock Pillow         Radiant Orchid Floral Wall Art       Radiant Orchid Owl Pillow

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The Right Kind of Blue – Turquoise!


Spring is here and it’s just a matter of time before your summer vacation or trip to the shore! There is nothing quite like the color of the ocean seen offshore of a tropical destination, so why not bring it home with you? A combination of blue and just a small amount of yellow, turquoise has the cool & calming qualities of blue along with the uplifting energy of yellow. Whether it’s on your nails, keychain or residence hall… adding a touch of turquoise will bring summer that much sooner!

Is your favorite color turquoise? Here are some fun facts: Those who enjoy sporting the color are known to be friendly, compassionate, and easy to communicate with. You are self-sufficient, have a good self-esteem and have a strong power of perception when it comes to weighing pros and cons.

Variations of the color turquoise include aqua, mint, aquamarine, and teal; all of which can be found at, with just a taste here!

Alarm Clocks in Turquoise

Bai Design – Cubist Retro Modern Wall Clock  |  ILUV Blue Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for IPOD   |  Bai Design – Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock 

Bedding in Turquoise

Maison Leaves College Classic Extra-Long Comforter  |  Aqua College Classic Extra-Long 3-Piece Sheet Set 

Room & Décor in Turquoise

Gem Pillow in Turquoise  |  Yogi Cube Turquoise  |  Tablo Turquoise  |  Yogi Support Turquoise  |  Shagalicious Back Rest and Study Pillow in Aqua  |  Aqua Geo 5 x 7 Area Rug  |  Expressive Storage Laundry Bag  |  Rain Medium Bath Caddy in Turquoise


Wall Canvases in Turquoise

Blue Pier Easy Hang Wall Canvas |  Definition of Dance Easy Hang Wall Canvas  |  Cupcakes Easy Hang Wall Canvas 

Art in Turquoise

Almond Blosson (Lamina Framed Poster)  |  Ke$ha Graphic Music Poster Print  |  John Lennon (People for Peace) Music Poster Print  |  The Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty TV Poster  |  Paris Romance (Couple Kissing, Eiffel Tower) Art Poster Print  |  Wave Rider (Lamina Framed Poster)

City Prints in Turquoise, As Shown

University of North Carolina Wilmington Map Art  |  The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina Map Art