Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas


July is here, and it’s time to declare your independence! By celebrating the Fourth of July with a festive and unique party, you can have an event that is more than fireworks and barbecues. These ideas will get your party started with a touch of creativity and a little red, white, and blue.


1.   Sparkler Photo Booths

Photo booths are all the rage at major parties. Put your twist on this event favorite by breaking out a fast-action camera and a firework favorite. Give each guest a handful of cheap, easily found sparklers, and have them make shapes, spell out words, or paint pictures in the air while a camera on a tripod shoots at a shutter speed of 15-30 shots per second. After the party, print the photos of their sparkling creations and send as a thank you gift for coming.

2.   Founding Fathers Feasts

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson weren’t chowing down on hamburgers in 1776! Get authentic with your party food choices by offering guests a taste of Revolutionary America. Some ideas include salted fish, roasted chicken, Dutch apple dumplings, meringues, and corn chowder soups. Serve alongside cider and (iced) tea. The heartier, the better!


3.   Firecracker Music Playlists

Make watching fireworks an experience for everyone involved. A day or two before the big night, ask your friends to send you a song or two that reminds them of fireworks. Then, create a playlist using streaming audio and have your guests subscribe to it. That night, they can listen along on their own devices or you can play their picks with your own speakers.

4.   Indoor Picnics

Great summer weather is not guaranteed. But if the rain falls or the temps chill, don’t fret—just bring your outdoor activity inside with an indoor picnic! Friends of all ages will enjoy eating classic picnic food (such as croissant sandwiches and lemonade) out of a basket from the comfort of a living room. Throw in a thermos and a checkered blanket, and you’ll have a Fourth of July party that survives any messy weather.


5.   VIP Firework Show

Fireworks are an absolute must for your party. Instead of just laying in the back seat of a car or on a ratty old blanket, make it a night for VIPs! Invite a select number of friends to your favorite firework display and bring along goodies the rich and famous would enjoy. Ideas include mocktails, sparkling cider, gourmet chocolates, candlelight, and luxurious college blankets and pillows.

Throwing a memorable Fourth of July party just takes a bit of creativity. With patriotic games and unique food offerings, your get together will take this holiday to the next level. Ban the bland and do away with the boring barbecue or the lame lawn chair fireworks for good!

What do you think of our party tips? Let us know!

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with a DIY Barbeque


Throw an All-American party that your family and friends are sure to remember! From decor to what to grill and don’t forget the sweets after dinner, there is an endless amount of creative choices and fun DIY projects that will make your get-together one for the record books. To start, let’s take a step away from the party and focus on the single most important decision you will make regarding the evening. What will you wear?!

You need something for the heat, something easy to grill in, and something patriotic. Why not try making an American flag tank top out of an old white t-shirt? Just tape over the part you want to keep white, and break out the spray paint. Style points if you put a bow on the back of the t-shirt after you tear it into a tank!

Great idea to make your own crafty shirt

Check out these impeccably painted nails! Use a toothpick in the white nail polish to draw stars, and you can have beautifully painted Fourth of July nails too.

Fourth of July nails

On to the real party details…Let’s talk decor. There are a million things that you can DIY from Pinterest, but how many are realistic for people who have other things to do with their day? I have found some easy DIY projects to get your space looking party-ready in one day! A burlap sign is easy to paint and hang on the deck, on the porch, or over the food inside. Streamers and lights hung out back create a warm and welcoming environment. Mason jars with tissue paper glued inside and a tea light candle are a great way to bring some more warm light to the party. Sparklers wrapped up with the silverware in a napkin ensure every guest has a sparkler for some of your own backyard fireworks! Stamp a strip of fabric or burlap with stars or fireworks to make an easy table runner for the buffet table or the dining table (or better yet, both!).

Fourth Decor

Ditch the basic, boring hamburgers and hotdogs, and make your food just as festive as you are. Make an American flag lasagna with olives and pepperoni for a dish to share with the whole gang. Paper baskets make for easy carrying when guests want to socialize while munching. A pan full of bananas, strawberries, and blueberries are a healthy way to celebrate the holiday! Add an cutout flag on a toothpick to a hotdog, hamburger, or even dessert to bring some creativity into your kitchen. Hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls on a skewer with a triangle of Colby cheese on top look like fireworks and are a great addition for the kiddies! Now my favorite part- dessert! Dip pretzel sticks into white icing or white chocolate and sprinkle with red and blue sprinkles for an on-the-go dessert. S’mores scream summer… and alliteration! This dessert will always  be fun at a cookout. Strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles are as patriotic as they are delicious. Enjoy your barbeque and fill your stomach with these awesome ideas!

Fourth Food

Have a wonderful Independence Day party with your new DIY crafts!

Graduation Nation: Time for a Celebration!


graduation‘Tis the season for college students all over the US to be graduating!  CONGRATS TO YOU!!  No more homework, no more books, no more professors’ dirty looks.  Now, what comes between the day you throw your cap in the air and the day 9-5 takes full effect (besides moving back in with your parents)?  Your Graduation party! For your last acceptable college party, the three major things you need to focus on: invitations, decorations, and FOOOOOD.

Now, lets be honest.  No one will show up to the big event if they don’t know an affair even exists.  The invitation sets the tone for your invitees, so make sure you pay attention to the details – whether it’s adding a picture of a top hat for a fancy fiesta or a handkerchief for a graduation hoedown!  It should include the 5 W’s in a way that exemplifies the theme of the party so that guests know what to expect.  

With the innovation of Pinterest, you can get invitationphotobooth ideas in a cinch.  Even more so, you can get detailed decoration ideas that will leave your guests in awe.  One of my favorite ideas (so much that I did it at my own party), is doing a photo booth with some great props.  With a great backdrop, this simple station creates a fun aura for everyone from your college roommate to your great grandma!  For the added FOMO effect (Fear Of Missing Out), create a sign with a unique hashtag for your friends to use on Instagram or Twitter.  That way, you can see all of your party pics in one spot…and so can everybody else! #GraduationStation

Finally, the big enchilada – THE FOOD!  At a graduation party, it’s easiest to stick with simple entrees since you don’t know who can eat what when you’re feeding the masses.  But that doesn’t mean it has to look simple.  Adding a black ribbon around rolled up utensils in a napkin, imitating a diploma, is one simple idea that adds a little somethin’ special.

While planning your party, don’t forget to breathe!  It can seem overwhelming from time to time, but don’t sweat it.  Just stick to these three main ideas and remember how hard you’ve worked it – you deserve it!


5 Holiday Treats to Bring to Gatherings!


As Christmas is just a few days away, we know you’re preparing for some festive parties full of friends and family. As a college student, we also understand that you may not exactly be the best chef. (Let’s face it: Your microwave chili-mac and cheese is the bee’s knees but it doesn’t exactly warrant a 5 star rating at Red Lobster). If you have a few gatherings lined up but nothing to bring, don’t you worry your little carrot nose. We’ve found 5 of the cutest trays and dishes to bring along for the fun. Your friends and family will love your creativity and appreciate the gesture (don’t worry, we won’t tell where you got your recipes). If you’re interested in 5 easy and delicious holiday treats you can bring to gatherings or even to meet your roomie’s family for the first time, read on!

1) Frosty The Snow Man on a Stick/Stirrers- These are adorable to bring along to a party and are easy and inexpensive to make. Both kids and parents alike can appreciate and enjoy Ol Frosty on a stick: Use them as hot cocoa stirrers or simply give them to the kids to take a bite. Either way, they’ll be a hit! Making them is simple! All you need is a few wooden kabob sticks, a jumbo bag of large marshmallows, some chocolate sprinkles, gummy candy and junior mints! This brilliant recipe idea came from this cute website of ideas. Click through to find out step by step instructions!

Snowman Stirrers

2) Eggnogg Cupcakes- I know plenty of people who love the hearty taste of Eggnogg for the holidays. Pair that with a deliciously sweet cupcake and you’ve got yourself an explosion of deliciousness that everyone will enjoy! Most college students know how to at least make a pan of cookies or cupcakes, so this recipe should be easy-peasy! Experiment with the ingredients to get the taste just how you like it. You can always experiment and change it up to cinnamon cupcakes, too! We’re sure these delicious baby cakes will be a sellout at whatever gathering you go to, just make sure you store them carefully for the ride to the party! (and save yourself one, too!) Interested in baking these guys? Head here for directions!

Eggnog Cupcakes! | Party Cupcake Ideas - actuall recipe is on

3) Christmas Popcorn- Who doesn’t love popcorn? Caramel, cheese, extra butter, salted – the list goes on. The best part about popcorn is that it’s perfect for every occasion- including holidays. We stumbled upon this adorable recipe for Christmas Popcorn that looks good enough to eat. AND the best part? It’s extremely simple to make and serve. There’s a no- bake period either, so you can make it last minute for a fresh treat to bring to a party. All you need for this treat is a bag of popcorn kernels, some festive sprinkles (pick your favorite shapes or colors), some nestle melting chocolate chips, and some iodized sea salt. Also make sure you have a popcorn popper handy! If you want to just use normal microwave popcorn, this works too – as long as it’s flavor free and not coated in butter! Once your kernels are popped, melt your chocolate and pour it over your popped kernels and coat generously in sprinkles. Make sure you let it cool and dry before trying to eat it! If you want get really creative, mix in some MnMs and pretzels to the mix for a sweet and salty surprise! More detailed instructions can be found here.

Christmas Popcorn

4) Gluten Free Holiday Reindeer Treats- This is a perfect choice to bring to any holiday gathering. Gluten free products are a big hit this year, with many people realizing they may have food allergies or for dietary reasons. You can’t go wrong with bringing a treat no one has to second guess, and it might be fun for you to make something you’ve never tried before! And, how can you resist making these adorable little reindeer faces? You can decorate them however you’d like which gives you creative leeway for how you want them to look. For these reindeer sticks you’re going to need some gluten free rice crisps cereal, melting chocolate, some pretzels, and some other sweet treats to decorate your sticks! If you’re interested in the full recipe, this website has the full deets! (You can make this in your dorm if you have a microwave!)

5) Peppermint Pretzel Rings- Treats don’t get any simpler to make than these adorable and festive pretzel rings. The best part about them is that they are fairly easy to make and make a large quantity at one time! You can split them up into different baggies for a goody-bag type treat or lay them in a bowl for a snag and grab feast! These would make for great roomie gifts or little goody bags for professors! For these treats you’ll need pretzel rings, unwrapped festive Hershey Kisses and green/red or blue/white nestle chocolate chips. Baking couldn’t be faster- place a parchment paper over a baking sheet and lay out your pretzel rings. Place a Hershey Kiss and nestle chocolate chip in the center of each and bake at 200 for 4 minutes. Let them cool and treats are finished! If you want more detailed instructions, check them out here!


Wherever you go for the holidays, you’ll be sure to have the most decadent and festive treats arriving with you. Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or spend hours baking and cooking just to prepare delicious treats for your guests or parties. These 5 easy to make and inexpensive treat options are perfect examples of easy and yummy treats everyone will love!