New School Year, New You



The start of the fall doesn’t have to be just about school supplies, class schedules, and move-in days. A new school year means bringing out the best in you with a unique look and style that’s all your own. If you’re ready to take on the back-to-school makeover, here’s how to get started.


Start at the Top

2017 is the year of the sleek ponytail for the ladies. Instead of the high buns that have been all the rage in the past, these ponytails are low to the back of the head and pulled back tightly. Use small strands of hair to frame the face with a strong center part. It’s an easy look to master.

For guys, high fades are the way to go. This look elongates the face and shows off your cheekbones. If you’re going daring and have the volume in your natural hair, get a loose pompadour ala old school David Beckham.

Experiment with Hair Color

Guys can get a nice boost with color hair. Kanye really started the trend with going blonde, but if you’re not that adventurous, consider adding natural colored highlights or making your fade ombre from ear to tip.

And while color has been huge with girls, there is a push to redo all of it for fall 2017. Instead of rainbows, think black and white. Start the school year off with black lowlights or white or gray full-color. With both, you’ll want to avoid the box and splurge on an expert. It’ll take a lot of work to achieve the totally gray or white that’s huge right now, but it will look killer when you head back to school.

Concentrate on the Face

Keeping your skin in tip-top shape is vital to building a new, sleeker look. Guys often neglect what their cheeks and forehead look like, but it’s important to put some time into it. At the bare minimum, invest in a high-quality acne treatment if you’re still breaking out. Then, build an exfoliating habit. Finally, regularly moisturize at night and in the morning, especially in the fall when the season is dry.

When it comes to ladies, all the above is true, but a new makeup look goes miles in creating your new school year style. If you’re not confident with makeup, don’t trust a YouTube video to teach you how to do it. You’ll want skin matching advice from experts. Stores like Ulta or Sephora are where you should start to find makeup that matches your face type and coloring. Seek out a makeup artist that has a look you like so you are confident they are going to help you find a style that’s both easy to do and gives your face a change.

Redo the Wardrobe 

It’s the clothes that make the man, and you’re going to want to start college off with updated shirts, pants, and suits. Texture, like quilting, is big in relaxed menswear, especially with jackets and sweaters. Luckily for college guys, track pants and track pant styles are in, making it easy to build a comfortable wardrobe. Looser fitting pants and suit pieces are also coming back, so you can put aside skinny for now.

Loose and relaxed is back for college girls too. Skip fitted and go for more draping styles. DIY patches and cut-outs in jeans. Do crop top sweaters instead of t-shirts or tanks, and build a good activewear collection. Top it off with wide-brimmed hats and round shaped sunglasses. Chunky heels in neutral colors are great for dressing up, and you should have at least one unique or billowing sleeved dress in your dorm room closet.

3 Lessons All Students Should Seek to Learn in 2017


3 Lessons All Students Should Seek to Learn in 2017

A new year brings new goals, new challenges, and hopefully new achievements. You won’t accomplish greater achievements this year with the same work ethic that got you your achievements from last year. If you want this year to be your best ever, then you need to level up your knowledge and work ethic.

If you’re a student, you may be seeking to earn a greater GPA. You may be planning on graduating, gaining admittance to your dream school, or earning a scholarship. Some may be planning to jump straight into their career path in a specific trade. Whatever the case may be, all students should seek to learn these three lessons to make the most impact in 2017.


Lesson 1: Get Organized

Succeeding in school obviously requires a certain level of organization. This year, challenge yourself to create systems and a routine to keep yourself organized. As you continue in school, you will see more assignments and projects stacked on top of each other. This will especially be the case in college. When you enter the workforce, you will still see assignments and projects demanding your time. My advice? Get a planner. The Nomatic Notebook is my personal favorite, and I have also seen the Panda Planner work very well for students. Finding an organization method that works for you takes time, but it is absolutely worth it.

Lesson 2: Get Educated

Focusing on your classes is the purpose of going to school. Never forget that. Along with gaining the education that is most likely leading you toward your chosen career, you can gain what I call the “other” education. More commonly known as “self-development”, you should spend your time during school focusing on shaping yourself into a better person. Easy ways to do this is to turn your commute to/from school into a learning opportunity. Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook. Read a book or a blog post. Those who seek out the “other” education and apply what they learn will catapult their success for sure.

Lesson 3: Get Focused

Set clear goals of what you want the end of this year to look like. Picture it clearly, one year from now where are you at in life? What have you accomplished? Now work backward to now, noting accomplishments that will be required to get there. What skills or habits will you need to develop? Who can help you get there? Are there any resources you could find and utilize to help you get there? You can use the R.I.S.E. method of achieving goals here. Get laser focused on what needs to happen this year and get after it.


Time will pass, and you get the same amount as anyone else in this world. The question then isn’t how much time you have to accomplish your goals. Instead, focus on what you are going to do with the time you have been given to achieve the most. Commit and work. You’ve got this!


Which of these three lessons do you feel you need the most? Comment below!

How to Stay Motivated to Workout in the Winter



Dark, cold weather isn’t exactly inspiring us to get off the couch. It certainly isn’t pushing us to go on our morning runs or weekly trip to the gym. Staying motivated to work out in the winter is tough, but it’s essential to keeping a healthy routine when others are packing on the pounds or hibernating for the season. These tips will help you move more, rest less, and get your sweat on like you would in warmer months.


Find a Workout Buddy

Working out can be lonely, and you’ll feel it even more with winter blues at an all-time high. Luckily, with so many people adding exercising more to their resolutions, you won’t have to look hard to find a partner to share gym time.

If you can’t find a close friend to do it, take this as an opportunity to expand your circle. Start a running group at your college or lead a unique workout class that others would want to take. Making like-minded friends is just one another way to help you guarantee you’ll meet your fitness goals.


Bring in the Sun

Part of the lack of motivation to move comes from a lack of light and heat in your home. Without it, you’ll feel tired more and will naturally want to spend more time lounging around under a blanket than going out in the elements.

To combat this, try to remember to open your windows during the day and position yourself nearest to the natural light as possible. UV lights can do the trick too. To amp up the temperature, you can wear more layers around the house or turn up the thermostat a few hours before heading to the gym.


Find the Right Playlist

We all love listening to softer, kinder music in the winter. But folk rock and light pop can be harmful when your body needs to feel the beat to get you into those sneakers.

When creating the right playlist for your workout, you don’t need to skim on your favorite lighter tunes. Make those your designated stretching, warm up, or cool down music. If you need help selecting your actual workout music, try apps and websites like TempoTap or SoundBPM so you can find songs to match your running pace or biking speed.


Try Something New

Sometimes our slumps are less weather related and more emotionally based. Doing the same workout over and over again can wear anyone out, especially when you’re already feeling a lack of motivation.

This is the perfect opportunity to buy some Groupon or deal website passes to try a new, interesting class. Take an aerial yoga instead of pilates or a flywheel class instead of a bike ride outside in the snow. There are so many opportunities to mix it up!


Upgrade Your Gear

Do you remember the feeling of getting new clothes for school and then wanting to wear them ASAP? The same concept goes for getting new running shoes or running tights. The newer the gear, the more likely you are to want to use them.

This isn’t an excuse to drop hundreds of dollars on workout clothes, but if you’re rocking tattered and torn t-shirts, you’ll need to invest anyways. If you’re into technology, trying purchasing used or looking for discounts on last year’s models of Fitbits, GPS watches, and workout headphones. Renewing your motivation is so worth it.



Achievable New Years Resolutions for Students



A new year is FINALLY here! This means it’s time to both renew and refresh, as well as set goals for the next 365 days. Setting goals isn’t exactly easy, but if you understand how to make the right resolutions, you can go into the new year prepared to make just about anything happen. These four ideas are great starter resolutions for all college students to take on.


Clean Up Our Mess

We’re guilty of having an unorganized, messy dorm room. Small space, hectic schedule — it happens to the best of us. Looking forward to a new year and new semester, I think we’re all promising to get our cleaning act together.

How to make it happen: Designate a cleaning day or time and put it on your schedule. The best goal-setters know that to make something happen, there has to be space or time to let it happen. Select a time that isn’t too busy or cluttered with your schedule (such as Sunday afternoon for laundry) and make a plan. One week could be to wash bedding and linens, and the next could be to clean floors or dust electronics.


Get [X] Hours of Sleep Per Night

As a college student, sleep is so important. Experts in the area believe that between seven and eight hours is ideal for young adults. But with all-nighters, late night events, and morning classes, getting that perfect amount of sleep is nearly impossible unless you put out the effort. But the rewards are huge. You’ll feel more energetic, eat better, and perform well on tests. That’s so worth setting this resolution.

How to make it happen: The easiest way to go to bed on time is to set yourself up for success. Get rid of electronics, including your phone, in your bed space. Put your phone on silent or sleep mode for bedtime and ask your roommate to help you stick to quiet hours before bedtime. If you’re still having problems falling and staying asleep, purchase upgraded bed linens such as a mattress pad to help you make the perfect sleep space.


Start Paying Down Student Loans Every Month

Making financial resolutions is pretty standard, even among college students. And while it’s true you should cut down on using credit cards or try to be more frugal when eating out with friends, as a college student, there are bigger fish to fry: your student loans. While you’re not required to pay down your student loans now, paying it off early, even if only a few bucks a month will save you big in the coming years when you’re on your own and responsible for rent and other bills.

How to make it happen: Learn everything about your student loans now. Your financial aid office is a great starting point to do your research on who your lender is, how much interest you’ll pay after the grace period, and what your payment post-graduation would be. Then, set up automatic payments around your pay days. You’ll never miss the money while still making a dent in your school debt.


Achieve More, Stress Less

Whether you’re a freshman or a second year senior, we all make the mistake of trying to do too much in college. It’s so tempting to join every club, to attend all the seminars, and to network nightly. However, adding too much to your plate can even affect your grades or your attitude. It’s time to scale back and focus on what matters.

How to make it happen: Before you head back to school, check your schedule. Do you need to take on that third elective this semester? Can you go without that book club or extracurricular that isn’t making you happy? The answer may be hard to come to, but having a good heart-to-heart with yourself can help you see just how you want your next year to be: full of happiness, hope, and less stress.