Three Reasons Why You Should Start Planning For Spring Break NOW


You may be consumed with the not-so-distant holidays lately, but there may be something else you want to keep in mind. Being surrounded by snow, cold weather and warm cups of cocoa is the perfect winter scene, but when the snow melts and the weather warms up you don’t want to be left behind at home. That’s why NOW is the perfect time to start planning your spring break getaway. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ and in this case, the worm is sweet – and much cheaper than waiting until the last minute. Here’s why:

1) The earlier you book your airfare, the less expensive it’s going to be: There’s no surprise in saying that waiting until the last minute to buy your airfare is going to cost you big bucks. Sure, you may be able to find great deals on a seat here or there, but it’s going to be whatever is leftover on the plane and is probably right next to the bathroom. And, if you’re traveling in a group, it’ll be hard to get seats together, let alone on the same flight. Try looking at sites such as Cheapo Air or Priceline. If you sign up for their emails, you’ll even get discounts and price drop alerts sent to your email. One of my other favorite channels is Travelzoo – they always are offering deals on flights for short periods of time.

2) First come, first serve. Get your pick before you get stuck with what’s left: You know that one room you stayed in two summers ago with the full kitchenette, king size bed and gorgeous view of blue sparkling water? That will go quickly. Booking your reservations early will ensure you have the top pick of rooms and spaces available. And, it will allow you to pay for the room earlier so you have time to save up more spending money for your trip!

3) Adequate timing to schedule around your school work or put in time off at work: Don’t be that person that puts in for vacation time a week before you plan to leave. Give your teachers, homework, and coworkers the courtesy of planning around your absence. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting your shifts covered last second and will have enough time to get assignments/work done that may be due when you’re away. And, this will give you a chance to possibly pick up a few more shifts and save some money aside to spend on your vacation.

Wherever you decide to go for spring break, remember earlier is better!

It’s Spring Break!


It’s that wonderful time of year when, in the middle of projects and midterms, a whole week of free time suddenly opens up. The birds sing, the flowers bloom and, in some states, the snow melts.

So, you have a whole week of freedom! Your friends want to go roadtrip, your parents want you to fly home, your aunt in Germany wants you to stop by. All of this makes you realize….

You’re on a budget.

Don’t fret! Since this is my third college spring break, I’ve come up with a few things to help you have an awesome spring break without taking a punch to your wallet.

  1. One-day road trips. I know, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get from Texas to New York in one day now. By one-day road trips, I mean road trip within your state. Just Google “Fun things to do in (insert state here)” and bam! Tons of concerts, museums, sights and places pop up! These little mini road trips will keep you from worrying about spending half your savings on gas, food and hotel stays. Plus, you get to discover more about the state that your attending college in.
  2. Budget wisely. If you think $200 will get you through a week-long stay at Cancun, you need this tip. Some people get hyped up about the trip to their destination….but forget to plan on the costs coming back to campus. Friendly apps like Mint will help those of you with smartphones budget out your entire week by subject (food, hotels, entertainment, etc) and will warn you if you go out of your preset amount. Don’t have a smartphone? Just go to and work on it from any computer.
  3. Pick one thing. Planning on flying to New York to see a concert and then jetting off to California to go the beach before flying back to your hometown to see your parents and then flying back to school…that’s a lot. Pick one destination spot and focus on activities in that area. Don’t drive halfway across a state for one concert and halfway back to get to your hotel; that wastes money. Check out what’s going on in the city you’re heading too. Chances are, there’s a lot of fun events in that one area.

I hope this helps! Happy Spring Break everyone!