Countdown ’til Summer


Spring break is over, and summer is around the corner, but not so fast… there is still one more round of finals to take before the beach days, barbecues, and baseball games are in full effect. Perhaps you took a trip with your friends to a place with endless sun and clear blue oceans, maybe you volunteered your time and participated in an alternative spring break, but most likely you lounged around your house with your family and caught up with your friends back home. Regardless of how you spent your spring break, the reality is that you’re back on campus, and there’s only a few weeks left of the semester which means one thing: crunch time!

First thing‘s first. Don’t Procrastinate! You’ve heard it from your professors, your RA and naturally, your parents. If it wasn’t so common to see the library jam packed at midnight during finals week, it wouldn’t be such a reoccurring statement. We get it, you have 4 months to complete something, so you put it off thinking you’ll get back to it, the problem is you never do! A helpful suggestion to keep you organized is a To-Do list. There is no better feeling then getting something done and crossing it off your list. Utilize your professor’s office hours, and take advantage of study groups.  Sometimes you retain more information when it isn’t being delivered by a demanding professor. Get ahead & stay ahead!

Studying may not be the most entertaining part of college, but setting aside a time when both you and your roommate buckle down and drill into the books could end up being productive.  Come up with a plan, and upon completion, grab fro-yo as a treat! Don’t forget: a reward is always good motivation.

It’s always a great feeling opening that email notification saying you have a package from home. OCM is committed to making sure students feel the love on campus from their family. We have recently added healthy option care packages; so if you’re gluten free, vegan, or dedicated to working out, we have a package especially for you. There are plenty of treats in each pack, so be sure to share with your roommate! We love to hear feedback as well, so if there is something you wish was in your care package, let us know! Hard works always deserves compensation!

 Spirit Pack

Wait, We Only Have a Month Left?


It’s already April! When did that happen? I could have sworn that Christmas was just last week. Where did the time go?

Maybe it’s just because I’m a senior, but this month always feels like it flies by. It’s the last month to make things count. Plus, for most of us, it’s the month where professors love to hand out group projects and papers like they’re candy.

So, how do you make this month count without becoming too overwhelmed? I have a few tricks that I’ve learned:

  1. Don’t panic. When you look at all your papers/projects/homework/tests/quizzes, it can seem super overwhelming and may make you want to hide under the covers away from your planner. However, just take a few deep breaths and work on one project at a time. If that doesn’t work for you or if you’re seriously swamped with work, divide out time each day for each item. For example: 2-3 = history paper, 3-4 = study for chemistry, etc. That way, you chip away at everything a little bit at a time, leaving you less burnt-out and happier with your progress.
  2. This is when planners are your friends. Put down every due date that’s coming up on one big calendar. This way, you can have a visual of what needs to be done first and what can wait a few more days. Sometimes, that little two-page paper can get lost when you’re too busy thinking about your massive group ethics project.
  3. Take time to have fun. Whether this is just a short one-hour break or a weekend trip, make sure you still take time to enjoy college. This goes out to a lot of my senior buddies too; for most of us, this is our last month of college, so make sure you’re still having fun and soaking it all in before you go into the big, scary “real world”.

So everyone, go out and enjoy your last month of college, whether it’s the last month of your freshman year or if this is the end of the college road for you. Look for more exciting posts to come!