Hottest Spring Accessories Trends in 2017


Spring is the time when everything changes: temperatures get higher, everything turns green, and we feel like we’re waking up from hibernation. It’s also the time when we start experimenting with clothes more, due to being tired of having to wear heavy clothes all winter long. Still, spring can also be tricky and go from pleasantly warm to pretty chilly in a day, so it’s good to layer your clothes. All this opens up new possibilities of combining different materials and prints, and these should be accompanied by great accessories.

Corset belt


In the months that follow, your figure will be drawing attention with lovely corset belts. Not only are they elegant and feminine, but they are also a handy and incredibly effective when it comes to waist-slimming. Fashion designers have recently rediscovered this wonderful item and before you know it, ladies have started wearing these statement belts all the time. You can wear corset belts as casual pieces over boiler suits, or you can channel your inner Goth queen and go for the tight leather ones.

Eye-catching earrings

The rule of the season seems to be that your earrings should be sisters, but not twins. Similar yet mismatched earrings have taken the runways: Marni, Mulberry, and Ellie Saab, among others, have embraced the trend of mismatched earrings. While it’s okay to experiment if you wouldn’t like to wear a completely different pair, pick the ones that are similar in some way: made of same material, have the same color, or identical decorations. This way you will draw attention but not look too strange.  

Choker necklaces still rule

Just when it seemed that chokers are slowly disappearing, they came back in full swing – glitter, faux gold chains, elastic lace, and rhinestones everywhere you look! It looks like the ‘90s are coming back, at least when it comes to jewelry. Chokers are seductive, mysterious, and they are able to transform any outfit in the blink of an eye. Pick a thin, fragile one if you don’t want to look too ‘wild’ at work, or go for a suggestive leather one when you go out. What is more, you can use lovely materials such as velvet, rhinestones, feathers, and pearls to make your own chokers in the comfort of your home.

Tassels everywhere


When you long for past times and daydream about running away with a group of gypsies and traveling the world, tassels are there to bring that boho vibe to you. Flitter-flutter tassels remind us of hippies and gypsies, and they add a girly yet exotic touch to any outfit. You can wear them with anything: swimsuits, light linen kimonos, earrings, and you can even add tassel pendants to your favorite designer shoulder bags. Be playful and experiment with different colors – spice up your outfit with splashes of royal blue, blood-red, and daffodil-yellow tassels.

Gloves are still on

What comes as a surprise this season is the presence of gloves. We are used to wearing them in winter and seeing them in old movies when ladies go to the opera, but this time it’s different. Gloves we’re about to see this season are made of light materials such as lace, and they have more cutouts and transparency than ever before. Don’t be afraid to wear ruffles, black leather, or long, embellished opera-length ones.

It’s easy to forget how important good accessories are, especially when we focus so much on our clothes alone. If you want to look flawless every time, you should always have a great accessory or two to draw everyone’s attention. Right accessories are the things that can turn a boring or ordinary outfit into an elegant and stylish one in an instant, so make sure to choose them carefully.


9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter on Campus



Break out the pastels and egg dye — Easter is around the corner! No matter how you celebrate, make this holiday a memorable one for you and your friends. If you can’t make it home to spend Easter with your family, then this list of nine ideas will get you in the spirit of the season.


  1. Egg Hunt

Searching for dyed Easter eggs isn’t just for kids! Now that you’re an adult, you can really up the challenge and make it interesting for participants. Select a wide space on campus and hide your eggs in extra tricky places. Add a scavenger hunt and clue component or have them pass “challenges” to receive their eggs.


  1. Egg Dyeing Party

While we’re talking eggs, let’s talk decorating! Egg dyeing is so much better now that Pinterest has given us a million ideas. Have each invitee bring a new way to dye eggs, along with the supplies, and take turns showing each other how it’s done. All you’ll need is an old blanket or newspapers, a place for the eggs to dry, and creative friends.


  1. Easter-Inspired Manicures

We’re suckers for a good manicure, especially when it’s perfectly timed to the season. Our favorite Easter look is the DIY marbled style. Use white and a pastel color to perfect the look. Here’s a how-to if you need a quick tutorial on marbling nails.

  1. Send Some Easter Love

Easter is usually a “forgotten” holiday on campus — meaning many of your friends won’t be going home to celebrate with family. Send them some love, even from afar, with an Easter Care Package. The old school bunny and peeps will have them feeling like they’re back at home.


  1. Plan an Easter Potluck Brunch

If you’re the one stuck on campus for the holiday, you can still come together with your campus community. Throw a potluck-style brunch for those living in your dormitory or floor. Borrow tables from residence life and use pink and blue table cloths to decorate. Have everyone bring a breakfast snack or hot food.


  1. Give Back

The real meaning behind Easter isn’t the candy or the eggs. It’s the spirit of self-sacrifice. Use this downtime to volunteer in your community. Take on a service project or create Easter baskets for a pediatric hospital or senior center. You’ll love how great you’ll feel afterward.


  1. Pig Out

Easter is a pretty awesome excuse to stop counting carbs for a day. Indulge on a little chocolate therapy with cookies and brownies like from the Mrs. Fields Happy Easter Tin. You don’t have to share. We won’t tell.


  1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Easter’s usually a symbol of decluttering what you don’t need to bring in what you do. Take some time to focus in on your dorm room. Bring together your friends to help you minimize an overstuffed closet of old clothes you don’t wear. Break out the vacuum and hit spots you don’t normally get. Or, if you’re not a laundry fan, catch up on that pile we know you have stuffed under your bed.


  1. Experiment With Your Easter Look

We love a good Easter bonnet! So thank goodness hats are totally in this spring. Hit up thrift stores to find some already spring-ified looks. Floral is always in for your Easter hat. That will set the theme for the rest of your Easter look. Stock up on cute, patterned sundresses, open-toe or heeled shoes, and chunky sunglasses. What more could you need from your Easter holiday?

10 Ways to Start the Spring Semester Off Right



With just days to go until the start of a new semester, you’ve probably got success on your mind. Whether your last semester was the most amazing ever or a total flop, you can always improve. These 10 ways to start the Spring semester off right will get you that much closer to your goals.


1. Read the Recommended Material

We’re all guilty of ignoring that recommended reading list professors provide with their required books, but we’ve learned how helpful that extra text is, especially in a difficult course. Along with recommended material, don’t forget to study the syllabus as much as you would the textbook. It may be the most helpful reading you do all year.


2. Introduce Yourself to Your Professor (In Advance)

It doesn’t need to be awkward at all. Just a quick email stating who you are, your major, and your interest in the class can be a great way to get your foot in the door and keep communication lines open. And who knows how it may pay off in the long term. We’re thinking networking potential here!


3. Schedule in Dedicated Work/Study Time

All-nighters and cram sessions are like a right of passage for college students. However, it’s not what you should strive for. Staying productive can be done just by scheduling it like a work shift. Pick a low-stress day and build in an hour or two to get your week’s worth of homework done in advance.


4. Add a Break In There Too

For workaholics, scheduling study time isn’t a challenge at all. However, putting a break may be way harder. Off-time is a must to keeping your brain active and your stress low. Fill it with friends, meditation, naps, or a new activity.


5. Start Sleeping Now

Sleeping is necessary, but it’s so rarely gotten. If you’re not getting in at least seven hours consistently, it’s time to change up your habits. Get rid of your electronics from around your bed, purchase a white noise machine or noise canceling headphones, and set your alarm for the right time.


6. Download Productivity Apps

We’re in love with trusty Google Docs, but there are others out there totally worth downloading. Free favorites include Evernote,, Inky, and StayFocused which blocks out distractions on your app for a period of time.


7. Stock Up on Supplies

If you haven’t headed back yet, you still have time to get your office space set. Hit up office supplies stores to pick up the essentials like pens, pencils, folders, binders, and notepads. Luckily, much of this is on sale, given it’s tax season.


8. Dream Big With Proven Strategies

Keep your dreams where you can see them by creating a vision board, scheduling check-ins on your planner, and connecting with friends with similar plans in mind. Just be sure your goals follow the SMART rules: “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reachable, Time-Based.”   


9. Purchase Your Domain Name

Our world has gone online, which means it’s time to adapt. Online resumes, portfolios, and professional blogs are excellent ways to reach internships and future jobs. By starting now as an undergrad, you’ll be able to have loads of content for the future.


10. Redecorate Your Dorm Room

Stress doesn’t just disappear because you go on a small vacation. Sometimes it takes a cleansing action like redecorating your space. Move around furniture, change out your bedding, or hang meaningful pictures and art. You’ll feel more connected to the space you love to call home.


Anti-Stress Playlist Picks





In this post-Spring Break time of year, classes are revving up and we’re hurling towards the end of the semester faster than ever. While summer is approaching and we’re all excited to be nearing the end of the school year, this time can also bring a lot of stress.

Listening to music is one of my favorite ways to de-stress, reevaluate my mood, relax and focus. I hope my suggestions below will help you do the same! These are some of the songs I’ve been listening to the most lately to fight stress and cheer up.

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Spring Quotes to Keep You Thinking Positive


When the first signs of spring start appearing, we tend to forget about winter and look forward to dreams of warmth, sunshine, and relaxation.  After all, it’s hard to think about winter chills and dark nights when everything outside is in full bloom.  There are few things that capture the positive essence of springtime more than quotes;  take the time to read over a selection of some well-known quotes and sayings about the happiest season, and you’ll find yourself feeling happier in spite of everything.

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The Right Kind of Blue – Turquoise!


Spring is here and it’s just a matter of time before your summer vacation or trip to the shore! There is nothing quite like the color of the ocean seen offshore of a tropical destination, so why not bring it home with you? A combination of blue and just a small amount of yellow, turquoise has the cool & calming qualities of blue along with the uplifting energy of yellow. Whether it’s on your nails, keychain or residence hall… adding a touch of turquoise will bring summer that much sooner!

Is your favorite color turquoise? Here are some fun facts: Those who enjoy sporting the color are known to be friendly, compassionate, and easy to communicate with. You are self-sufficient, have a good self-esteem and have a strong power of perception when it comes to weighing pros and cons.

Variations of the color turquoise include aqua, mint, aquamarine, and teal; all of which can be found at, with just a taste here!

Alarm Clocks in Turquoise

Bai Design – Cubist Retro Modern Wall Clock  |  ILUV Blue Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for IPOD   |  Bai Design – Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock 

Bedding in Turquoise

Maison Leaves College Classic Extra-Long Comforter  |  Aqua College Classic Extra-Long 3-Piece Sheet Set 

Room & Décor in Turquoise

Gem Pillow in Turquoise  |  Yogi Cube Turquoise  |  Tablo Turquoise  |  Yogi Support Turquoise  |  Shagalicious Back Rest and Study Pillow in Aqua  |  Aqua Geo 5 x 7 Area Rug  |  Expressive Storage Laundry Bag  |  Rain Medium Bath Caddy in Turquoise


Wall Canvases in Turquoise

Blue Pier Easy Hang Wall Canvas |  Definition of Dance Easy Hang Wall Canvas  |  Cupcakes Easy Hang Wall Canvas 

Art in Turquoise

Almond Blosson (Lamina Framed Poster)  |  Ke$ha Graphic Music Poster Print  |  John Lennon (People for Peace) Music Poster Print  |  The Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty TV Poster  |  Paris Romance (Couple Kissing, Eiffel Tower) Art Poster Print  |  Wave Rider (Lamina Framed Poster)

City Prints in Turquoise, As Shown

University of North Carolina Wilmington Map Art  |  The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina Map Art 


Wait, We Only Have a Month Left?


It’s already April! When did that happen? I could have sworn that Christmas was just last week. Where did the time go?

Maybe it’s just because I’m a senior, but this month always feels like it flies by. It’s the last month to make things count. Plus, for most of us, it’s the month where professors love to hand out group projects and papers like they’re candy.

So, how do you make this month count without becoming too overwhelmed? I have a few tricks that I’ve learned:

  1. Don’t panic. When you look at all your papers/projects/homework/tests/quizzes, it can seem super overwhelming and may make you want to hide under the covers away from your planner. However, just take a few deep breaths and work on one project at a time. If that doesn’t work for you or if you’re seriously swamped with work, divide out time each day for each item. For example: 2-3 = history paper, 3-4 = study for chemistry, etc. That way, you chip away at everything a little bit at a time, leaving you less burnt-out and happier with your progress.
  2. This is when planners are your friends. Put down every due date that’s coming up on one big calendar. This way, you can have a visual of what needs to be done first and what can wait a few more days. Sometimes, that little two-page paper can get lost when you’re too busy thinking about your massive group ethics project.
  3. Take time to have fun. Whether this is just a short one-hour break or a weekend trip, make sure you still take time to enjoy college. This goes out to a lot of my senior buddies too; for most of us, this is our last month of college, so make sure you’re still having fun and soaking it all in before you go into the big, scary “real world”.

So everyone, go out and enjoy your last month of college, whether it’s the last month of your freshman year or if this is the end of the college road for you. Look for more exciting posts to come!