5 Tips on Saving Space in Your Dorm Room


Oh, dorm rooms, we have a love-hate relationship with you. On one hand, we’re super excited to get to live on campus, make new and likely lifelong friends, and have a place to call our own. On the other hand, we’d do anything to blow out a wall and double the size of that space.


Dorm rooms are often so small that it’s almost a rite of passage to live in cramped quarters. But these 5 tips on saving space almost instantly make your dorm room feel much bigger and less cluttered through creative organizing.



  1. Cut Back on Off-Season Gear

One of the biggest mistakes freshman and new dorm-dwellers make is over packing for their first move-in day. Sure, you want to have every creature comfort you can think of. But ask yourself, do you really need that winter parka and heavy scarf in southern California? If you plan on traveling back home at least once per year, try this trick: Bring with you all of your past season clothes, shoes, and accessories. Then, when you’re ready to go back home, empty your suitcase and re-fill it with the next season’s items .You’ll save on closet and shoe space while also only having the items you really need.

  1. Take It Under the Bed

If you’re searching for an inconspicuous and often forgotten storage area, all you need to do is look down! The space under your bed can be the best place to store things. While you can probably fit a suitcase underneath your mattress, you might want to consider lofting your bed high enough so that you can add extra cabinets using storage cubes and containers. If you can’t loft, don’t worry. There are plenty of thin storage systems, like our Oversized Underbed Organizer, which are designed to fit neatly under a low bed.


Our Underbed Storage units work perfectly to keep clutter at a minimum.

  1. DIY Your Paper Clutter

We love personalizing a dorm space using favorite pictures, concert tickets, posters, and artwork. But those important or stylish pieces of paper can sure add up fast and end up everywhere (or, worse, ruined). A creative way to organize without the hassle of framing is to create a photo display similar to a clothes line. Hang a sturdy string or wire or two the length of your wall and then use painted clothespins to attach the photo of you and your BFF or your first college paper. Best part is that when you get tired of one thing, you can easily take it down and replace it with a new favorite!

  1. Stack and Stack

We’ve already talked about getting under the bed, but what about above it? Stacking is just part of dorm life, especially when square footage is at a premium. Lofting your bed is just one of the ways you can add extra sitting areas or floor space to your dorm. You can also try stacking storage cubes and organizers or place lighter items on top of sturdy pieces such as a refrigerator. The less on the floor, the better the space looks!

  1. Build Secret Compartments

You don’t have to be James Bond or a villain with a fake bookshelf to hide items you don’t want to be seen! There are tons of great DIY projects out there that transform storage items, such as our Rhino Armor Trunk, into fashionable seating areas or bedside tables. And with hanging a Delux Bedside Caddy that tucks under your bedding, you can be sure that you’ll never lose your phone charger or have people staring at your bedtime items while visiting.


Form and function unite for a practical way to store your stuff

Take the time to use some of these tips for your dorm. No matter if you’ve got close quarters, or space to really spread out, anyone can use more space for their belonging.


Seasonal Clothes


March, 20 2014…First day of spring

It’s that time of year to pack away cold weather clothes for our warm weather ones. Summer is around the corner!

Over the past weekend I found myself in my son’s room going through his closet and dresser. It’s amazing the amount of clothes a one year old has let alone doesn’t fit into anymore. As I start going through his closet, I’m thinking about how big he’s getting and how I’m going to store all these clothes. Luckily for me I did some research.

 HGTV.com has a great article on storing your seasonal clothes. They talk about choosing the right hangers, storage bins, and things to avoid like cardboard that attracts insects. No thank you!

As an employee at On Campus Marketing, I know we sell lots of Storage Bins and Rhino Trunks. Both are perfect for storing clothes that one day can be worn again.


Whether it’s your child’s closet or your own closet, these helpful tips will go a long way.  So it’s bye for now winter coat, hat and gloves; we’ll see you in 8 months!