Warm Hues and Evoking Emotions with Your Bed Linens


Beautiful tonal bed sheets with laptop and coffee

Spring is in the air, the weather is warming up, and we’re beginning to dream of summer styles. When it comes to lightening up our room, the decor we focus on most starts right at the bed. Bed linens can be dramatic and bold or peaceful and serene. This spring and summer, we’re focusing in on the warm hues that are popping up everywhere we go. Here’s your guide on how to incorporate the top four colors of the season in your bedding style.

Sand Tan

Tan is probably not the color you think of when we say “warm hues.” But it’s a neutral you must know if you’re going to incorporate the rest of the colors in your bedding. Because so many of this year’s color schemes are beach based or Southern-inspired, tan fits in perfectly as a base. To find the right color, look for a tan that is more yellow than brown.

Canvas colored pillowcases with a faux textured detail will be all over stores this summer. They fit in with just about any other color or look you’ll go for, so be sure to grab one or two for your bed. You can also use canvas linens to create a romantic, Mediterranean canopy. Add string lights to the look, and you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping under the stars.

apartment decor with tan accents

Peachy Pinks

Peach is not everyone’s favorite shade on the color wheel, but the popularity of vintage has brought your Grandma’s lipstick color back to the front. Peach is an orange-leaning pink that resembles, well, the inside of the fruit. It’s a happy, go-lucky color that is an instant pick-up to look at without being too juvenile.

Fitting in peach can be tricky. Too much of it and your room can feel claustrophobic. Too little of it and it fades into the background. We recommend using peach in a medium-sized bed item that may not get much day-to-day use. For example, find a fuzzy peach toned throw blanket for the bottom of your bed or hang a peach-colored bedside organizer. You can even hide it in your flat sheets for an instant burst of happiness when you pull back your covers.

Hot Pinks

Forget “Millennial Pink.” This summer is all about the bright, in-your-face pinks that make you feel as if you’re about to burst out of your dorm and onto the best beach party ever. Hot pink is your go-to look if you’re vibrant and joyful or if you want bedding that is the focal point of your whole room.

To make it work, hot pink needs to be leveled out with a cold or neutral hue. More frequently, we see it paired with gold and bronze. And the color cannot be missed when it’s featured in polka dots on a white backdrop. Whether you paint your bed in a hot pink comforter or go demure with throw pillows or quilts, you won’t be regretting this color choice.

Pink bed sheets in a dorm room

Sunny Yellows

If you’re going for a beach party vibe but not feeling pink, there’s an alternative as cheery but slightly less daring: striking yellow! We’re not talking the water downed lemonade version. When we’re picking yellows this year, it’s the kind that reminds you of your brand new highlighter or a beach towel from your childhood. It should be the kind that jumps right off of your bed.

Like the peach, too much vivid yellow can go south fast. Instead, mix match it on a dark tone. Black works well, but you run the risk of the bumblebee pattern if you don’t throw in some white as well. Yellow also pairs well with an equally popping green in items like accent pillows or thin quilts. It may look cartoonish, but that’s what you want when you pick warm, bedroom hues that are made to lighten up everything they touch!

College Fashion Essentials


Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

When you’re a college student, you have to be smart and economical. That means that all unnecessary purchases are a no-go. You may think that one can’t possibly pull of stylishness on a budget and a limited number of pieces. However, there is a way to work around this if you learn which key pieces to invest in (and by this we don’t mean spend a chunk of your money). To that end, we have created the ultimate list of fashion essentials that will get you through the year on a budget, without sacrificing your style.

When fun meets appropriateness

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

We used to think of plaid blazers as something professors wear, but oh, how times have changed. Everyone, from celebs to fashion bloggers to mere mortals is jumping on one of the most stylish (not to mention practical) trends of the season – the plaid trend. The best reason to add a plaid blazer to your wardrobe is definitely its power of transformation. With it, you can create great date-looks, mix with sportswear for more casual, athleisure vibes, and it can make you look sharp and polished in classes even on those days when you feel completely run over.

The ones that work for you

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

The life of a college student is a hectic one, to say the least. This is exactly why you don’t need clothes that make you work hard to pull them off. You want something that works for you, not against you. So, the most sensible way to be in style while being comfortable is to choose jeans as your go-to when it comes to bottoms. Take the time to try on different styles and find four pairs of jeans that fit well and feel good. Aside from being the sensible choice, these are easy to mix and match and create outfits for almost every occasion.

Party time

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

College parties are usually chill and low-key, so there’s no need to dress to impress. Still, you should always have one go-to garment and something along the lines of colorful designer kaftans may just fit the bill. They are, as the name says, playful. The colors are vibrant, but they’re not to ‘dressy’ so you’ll never look overdone or like you’re trying too hard. Throw a cute pair of Birkenstock shoes and a denim jacket into the mix and you’ve got yourself the ultimate frill-free party combo.

Simplicity above all else

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

When life gets busy, so does your bag, so you better invest in a great, (and also a big one), that can handle everything you throw at (or in) it. A leather tote is the absolute best way to go. This bag can carry more items than you can imagine while never giving away the fact that it’s about to burst. You can put your laptop in it, along with your beauty essentials, notes, coffee, your pet, extra sheets – you name it, it can handle it. Black is the obvious choice because you will have chic moments, and this bag is ready to play that part as well.

Keep it warm

Photo by Natthakit Khamso on Unsplash

If you have someone to keep you warm indoors, good for you. Now, no matter how much in love you are, your bae won’t keep you warm once you step outside. That’s why you need to pull out the big guns – a great coat and a blanket scarf. Stylish scarves are quite affordable, so feel free to get several, as they will serve as a great accessory. This way, the coat can be nice and classic, and come from the neutral color family, and you can then use the scarves to diversify your outfits.

Made for walking

Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

Yes, glitter boots are very nice and trendy, but can you wear them to your 9 am class? We didn’t think so. However, just because you can’t really rock the trendiest boot of the season during a college winter, doesn’t mean the alternative is any less on point. Of course, the alternative is a pair of ankle boots, and if you don’t want to look ‘too neutral’, you can always spice things up with the color of the season – red. Red boots will surely elevate any look, and the style allows you to pull them off in a way that is noticeable but not too ‘out there’.

When it comes to smart fashion choices, finding the balance between trendy and timeless is key.

Layering Basics as the Temperature Drops


the jacket and scarf combo. A staple for colder months

The cold is finally here, and we’re pulling out all our winter gear and clothing. From stylish sweaters to chic blazers and coats, we’re ready to rock the fall and winter wardrobes. But a fall outfit can go cold fast if you don’t know how to rock the multiple garment look. That’s why we’ve created this list of layering basics so you can stay warm and stylish at the same time.

1.     Master the Double Roll Sleeves

Long sleeves that hang over your wrist are the worst. It makes you look sloppy and not put together. But this fashion faux pas is hard to prevent if you don’t have model-length arms. Instead of looking less than your best, learn how to do the double roll sleeves. Start by unbuttoning any buttons. Then, turn the cuff inside out and fold back once. Use the length of the cuff to determine how wide to make the second roll, which should be near your elbow.

2.     Keep Your Whites Crisp

One of our favorite classic looks is a white t-shirt under a pop of color sweater or a great flannel shirt. The only downside is that white doesn’t stay white for long. Even if you’re not using your t-shirt or tank to work out in, every day, wear and tear can make this look go from neat, to cheap in seconds. Be sure to do a quick bleach bath of your whites about once every other month or so. That, or buy cheap and resign yourself to buying replacements when necessary.

3.     Know Your Textures

The varying of textures is an important part of any stylish outfit. Pairing wool with wool or cotton with cotton isn’t very fashionable, and it can come across as boring or lazy. Try mixing a leather trench with a polyester tank, a fuzzy sweater with a silk blouse, or ripped jeans with a structured flannel and undershirt.

Cardigan, jeans, and boots. A cold weather staple

4.     Add Layers With Oversized Scarves

Scarves have been making a comeback for years now, but they can’t get any hotter this season! While thin or infinity scarves were a thing last fall, this year is all about long, thick, and tri-point style is what you need to be rocking. The best thing about larger scarves is that you can make an entire layer out of them! Add them to a simple long sleeve shirt or tuck them neatly under a casual coat for a daytime look everyone on campus will love.

5.     Avoid Baggy

Oversized is the look to have this year, but it can be tempting to do too much on a smaller frame. The only way to make loose work is to understand how to balance big and fitted. Go with a tunic style dress and add a structured cardigan with pleats or leather cuffs. If you’re wearing gaucho style pants, make sure your layers on top are more fitted to your body to balance the silhouette.

6.     Fit is Key

No matter what you’re wearing, you need to be sure it actually fits. We’ve already talked too big, but an even worse mistake is squeezing into a sweater or jacket that’s too small. Buttons should sit flat, zippers should make it to the top, and fabric shouldn’t pull around your waist or chest. Before you buy or pick out of your closet, do a “sit, stand, and move” test in front of your mirror to make sure everything looks just right on your body.

With these layering basics, you will be ready to tackle those cold mornings and late nights with exceptional style!

Fabulous Fourth of July Fashion


It’s the middle of summer, and that means fireworks, hot dogs, and red, white, and blue — it’s Independence Day! The Fourth of July is a day for relaxing, getting together with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of our nation. But just because you’re chilling out doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable! Here are our suggestions for looking your best this July 4.


Candy Stripes and Blue Jean Shorts

This effortless look is great because it isn’t limited to Fourth of July. A sleeveless red-and-white striped top paired with some traditional blue jean shorts will show off your patriotic pride without sacrificing your sense of style.


Flag Accent Nail Polish

Jazz up your nails with this funky design. Four fingers of regular red polish can become super American with a bit of extra flair. If you’re not great at making cool designs out of polish, you can always use stickers to get the same effect.


Patriotic Scarf Braid

This super-easy 3-minute scarf braid will make you the talk of the Fourth of July barbecue. All it takes is a French braid, a hair tie, and a flag or red, white, and blue scarf. You can even add more flair with a few silver stars or by tying the end of the scarf in a bow.


Fourth of July Ponytail Holder

This one takes a bit of work, but the end result is totally worth it. All you need are red, white, and blue bandanas, a hair tie or scrunchie, and a pair of scissors. The end result is some cool flair that will make you look DIY chic.


DIY No Sew Flag Top

This cool, vintage-looking shirt is a breeze to make. You will need is a white shirt, red and navy spray paint, some painter’s tape, a piece of cardboard, and some scissors. If you’re not feeling the flag look, you can also spray paint the shirt with red, white, and blue stripes using the painter’s tape and spray paint by themselves.


Red, White, and Blue Eyes

Spice up your makeup with this killer, cute red, white, and blue design inspired by Old Glory herself. This cool vintage look has a modern twist using both traditional makeup and a bit of costume flair.


American Flag Cutoff Jean Shorts

These are some of our favorites! Take an old, worn-down pair of jeans, and make them into something festive and fun with just a few easy steps. By using an inexpensive flag bought at an art supply or thrift store, you can make your new cutoffs go from ‘yow’ to ‘wow!’

Pieces That Transform Any Outfit with No Effort


There’s no denying it – we all long and strive for that, at times, elusive effortlessly striking appearance. Everyone deserves to feel and look great in the clothes they wear, but not everyone has the time and patience to experiment, try on outfit after outfit until perfection is achieved. This is why nowadays we rely on our trusty fashion bloggers. Why? The answer is simple; what makes these seemingly ordinary people extraordinary is their impeccable style and a ‘nose’ for fashion. They’ve tried it all, so we don’t have to – they’ve done the legwork so we can reap the benefits and take only the best for ourselves, so let’s just dive in and see what those Holy Grail essentials are. These are the pieces that create an outfit that transcends the sum of its parts, and we deserve to have and rock them.

All about them jeans


Every fashionista knows that rule number one of the ‘effortlessly striking’ rulebook says ‘you must have that perfect pair of ripped jeans’.  They can take different shapes and colors, skinny, mom or boyfriend jeans – all as long as they’re ripped. There is a certain dose of rebelliousness to this kind of jeans. However, the greatest thing about a truly great pair of jeans is that their ability to adapt to any given look and occasion. Lunch date – no problem; a pair of pumps and a white dress shirt and you are ready to casually dazzle. Lazy afternoon – done and done; a gray tee, a pair of Converse All Stars and a satchel – the street style hashtag practically writes itself.


Style enhancer; no, life enhancer


If you’ve ever tried to calculate how much better your life would be if you owned a really great biker leather jacket, the answer is 78.9%. Jokes aside, this is truly one of those garments that don’t only uplift an outfit but your spirits as well. It’s always a little edgy, eternally stylish and can go turn any outfit from casual to elegant in the blink of an eye, (or a change of a dress). Don’t take our word for it, go try one and you’ll see how it makes you feel…and look.


Spice up your life


Every so often our closets, like our life, can get a little dullsville, and that is exactly the time when a splash of color is absolutely necessary to spice and shake things up. Minimalism may be the dominating trend de jour, but there is still nothing like a vibrant kaftan to liven up an outfit, as well as your entire day. These garments are absolutely amazing – they’re like a dress, (the simplest thing you can pull out of your closet), but just a bit more fun, and you can easily find a large variety of kaftans online and liven up your wardrobe in a minute.  You can wear them alone, with leggings, with or without jewelry – they are enough to create an outfit.


When in doubt, go with non-colors


If you could sneak in and take a peek inside a fashion blogger’s closet, you would most certainly find an abundance of basics – gray, white and black shirts and tees to be exact. These clever and fashion-savvy gals know that the secret fountain of effortlessness lies in great basics. Always stock up on these, there is no such thing as too many basics. While vibrant colors serve to spice things up, basics are there to tone things down and help you escape a look that is too busy or overdone or worse – like you’re trying too hard. P.S. Leggings fall under basics too.


While on the subject of black

It can’t be helped – black just has a way of making everything more chic, and that extends to bags as well. So, whether you want to rock a tote, a sling or shoulder bag, it should be solid, sleek and black. When you look at a bag and mull over the idea of purchasing it, ask yourself this – can I take this to work and then go straight to a party after? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found your go-to bag.


If you could only have one pair of shoes…


Sure, bloggers live in an abundance of shoes, but if they were faced with the option of choosing one pair and forsaking all others, there is no doubt that they would keep the mighty black pumps. First off, they’re black, which means they go with everything. Secondly, the slim heel makes everything super-sleek and sophisticated. Thirdly, they’re incredibly flattering and make the legs look longer, and finally, they make everything more chic without being too loud.


They make a statement when they have to, and stay silent when it’s not their time to speak.

Attention College Fashionistas: A to Z of Fashion Blogging


Attention College Fashionistas- A to Z of Fashion Blogging

All your friends want to raid your closet. They’re constantly asking for your fashion advice or for you to go on a shopping trip with them. You’re their go-to person for style and trends. Put that eye for colors and patterns to good use by becoming a fashion blogger! You’ll love sharing your passion and your readers will dig seeing your creativity come to life. With these few tips, you’ll have a fashion blog everyone will want to subscribe to.


The Basics of Creating a Blog

The boring part of becoming a blog is actually making a blog. Blogging is pretty inexpensive. For a year, you’re talking about $100-200 total for a domain, server, and host. However, if you don’t have that cash, there are so many free resources out there like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger that you can always upgrade or transfer to a paid site down the road.

Choose your domain name wisely (easy to remember is always key) and make a site design that’s a reflection of you — bold colors for the adventurous blogger or loads of white spaces for minimalist stylistics.


Find a Niche or Voice

Fashion is a pretty broad subject. Are you a shoe and accessories kind of girl? Do you love makeup trends? Are you plus-size or dress only in a certain color or pattern? Those who stand out are the ones who have a specific voice.

If you’re unsure of what your specialty is, ask your friends. You may be surprised to hear what they like the most about your fashion ideas. Whatever it is, keep your blog focused to this so you can show off your expertise.


Get Social

Once your site is up, start posting to social media sites. Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are the go-to’s for reaching fashion-minded audiences. Search and post under hashtags like #WIWT (what I wore today) or #OOTD (outfit of the day) regularly.

To up your following, like and post on smaller to medium popular fashion bloggers. The follow-back love is real and can pay off big if you’re smart about who you give your likes and hearts to.

Another great way to reach more people is to apply to become a Trendsetter on OCM. With over 10k views on our blog alone, you could really show the world your style and promote your blog to high school and college students just like you!


Stay on a Posting Schedule

Most bloggers, starting out, post between 2-4 times per week. Others post every day.

One way you can boost your schedule and take the time out of blogging is to make out a blog calendar in advance. Fill in your blog days with post ideas and then spend a few “work” days writing the articles, taking photos, or hunting for styles. Most blogs will let you schedule these posts to go live months to even years in the future!


Remember the Purpose

It’s easy to get bogged down with the posting on Instagram or perfecting your site’s look, but your main focus as a style blogger is the actual fashion. What wins on these sites are beautiful photos of winning and catchy outfits.

If you’re not yet attracting brands to try their clothes for free, borrow outfits from friends or hit Goodwill-style shops. Have a photographer friend take your photos and credit him or her on your site. Collaborate with other fashion bloggers on your campus for new style ideas.


But most of all, have fun, discover trends, and show off your passion!

Green Everything: Stay Stylish this St. Paddy’s Day on Campus



Break out the four leaf clovers, gold coins, and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts, because St. Patrick’s Day is here! Our favorite way to celebrate is to, of course, deck ourselves out in green. If you’re looking to kick your emerald up a notch this year, here’s a few St. Patrick’s Day themed style and fashion tips to get you ready.


  1. A Touch O’ Green

For some, keeping their green low-key is ideal. That’s why we love the idea of adding little touches of green in one’s outfit, or better yet, makeup choices.

Our best and favorite way to do this is to incorporate in your eyeliner. You can pick some up from drugstores like Walgreens or go totally glam with Urban Decay’s glittery green version. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this look!


  1. Brilliant Emerald

Toss out those plastic beaded necklaces. Instead, purchase an emerald stone necklace or earring set that you can wear year-round instead of saving for March.

There are so many ways you can wear emerald jewelry, but our favorite is the more “antique” version featuring gold and bronze. Etsy is a great place to shop around for these pieces, and who knows, you might get lucky and stumble on an affordable piece of jewelry you’ll want to wear St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.


  1. The Green Surprise

We talk a lot about what you can do to up your green style, but why not also take a moment to send a friend some Irish love as well!

With OCM’s St. Patrick’s themed care packages, like the Shamrock Surprise, you can totally wow them. Does your long-distance BFF have a big exam coming up? The St. Patrick’s Day good luck bear is too adorable to pass up.


  1. Spring in Your Step

We’re big fans of green shoes. It’s just a bright and cheery color that makes any outfit that much more whimsical. Luckily, this is the season to find them in stock if you’re out shopping.

Converse has a cute pair of minty green high and low tops. Aerosoles, our favorite casual and dressy shoe brand, has flats in a flashy green. We also love the Nine West, the heeled version that would have us dancing a jig all night.


  1. Green All Over

Maybe you’re not a subtle kind of person, especially when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. That’s okay too! You can go all out without looking like you walked out of a gift shop with a few rules.

For one, start with a base green, something dark or bright. We love skinny, ankle pants in emerald green. Then, layer a t-shirt or tank in a neutral, such as a gray-green or a pale green under a lighter sweater. Add on a cute and some gold jewelry, and you’re totally ready for your lucky day.


  1. Floral and Natural Green

We’ve talked a lot about bright and cheery green. But there’s a whole spectrum of green out there waiting for you to try on. Florals, in particular, are back in fashion, and they make a great starting place when looking for your next signature piece.

Hunter green coats will make you feel as if you’re ready for your next nature hike. Green ivy cardigans can go from your internship to your classroom with just a change of pants. And don’t forget floral scarves! They’re the best green accessory you can add to an outfit without overwhelming it.



Perfect Winter Outfits for College



The old adage “dress smart, look smart” couldn’t be truer when you’re looking for an outfit that’s both college-appropriate and winter-proof. From walking through mounds of snow to peeling off layers in class, finding the right look can seem next to impossible.

However, these style bloggers have figured out how to thread that needle between fashionable and practical! These are six perfect winter outfits for college you should try out yourself.


Classic Coat

Source: Trendy Crew


Finding the perfect winter coat is essential when you make college walkways your runways. Investing in a coat that can be combined with multiple looks, both casual and chill, is a great way to put it to work. We suggest picking a striking color, such as a lipstick red or indigo blue, so that you could wear it anywhere it looks like a part of your style.


Matching Knits

Source: bowsandsequins.com


Tis the season for sweater weather! We are loving old school chunky cable knits and far out designs like this mix of rainbow polka dots and stripes. It adds a much-needed touch of color without being overwhelming or falling into the dreaded “ugly sweater” category. But what really makes this outfit perfect for hanging out with friends on a quad is the matching knit hat as the perfect accessory.


Unexpected Plaids

Source: kendieveryday.com


We all have that comfy plaid button-down we break out on lazy days or for when we’re running late to class. But plaid doesn’t have to be for last resorts or when you know you’re not going to be seen. Plaid is the perfect winter weather fabric for pieces like skirts, leggings, and coats. We especially love how vintage dressy it looks here when added to a cute sweater and pair of black tights.


California Sunshine

Source: lovelenore.com


That boho, west coast style doesn’t just disappear when the summer concert season is over. You can pull this chic, laid back look off no matter where you’re located. The trick is to find muted colors like creams or pale pinks and then add a 70’s twist. Here, this sweater is rocking the bell sleeve look that is taking over our style feeds.


The Right Accessories

Source: galmeetsglam.com


Winter outfits live and die on what you add to them. For this look, it’s all about the extra long, thick sweater in a pop of color the turns heads. She adds another element by utilizing leather gloves and leather moccasins — both practical and a contrasting texture. Finally, there’s the purse. It totally hits the vintage, Parisian theme while also still staying in the natural pastel color scheme of the rest of her outfit.


Extra Layers, Thicker Pants

source: lovemaegan.com


While fashion is important, warmth is absolutely essential. This style blogger gets it down with the multiple layers of a flannel base, sweater top, and comfy flannel jacket. Where it really wins is actually in the pants. It’s easy to stick to skinny leggings or jeans when fitting in boots, but when you need to kick it up a notch for a more formal look, thicker fabrics in a flare or a wide leg is much more winter approved. Have at least one well-tailored pair in your closet for interviews, date nights, and presentations.


Aussie Fashion and Greenery



Just when we thought that Pantone can’t surprise us anymore, they’ve managed to do just that. In the previous years, we had something a bit easier to work with: Marsala and pastels have always been easy to combine and add to our outfits. Greenery, on the other hand, is as beautiful as it is difficult to wear. This wonderful color is the perfect embodiment of nature, health, and the new beginning that every spring brings. This year, it’s all about Greenery, and while the rest of the world may struggle to incorporate it into their looks, Aussies are overjoyed. They are well known for their love for bright colors, so it’s their time to shine.


Greenery in the streets

Untitled design (61)


Aussie girls love wearing clothes inspired by nature: floral prints, bright colors and flowy materials can be seen everywhere you look, and they love experimenting too. Australian designers can do anything — the girls in the streets are dressed in comfortable clothes, but with luxurious accessories and feminine pieces. Green miniskirts with ankle boots and button down polka dot shirts; skinny jeans with moss green cashmere sweaters — or even bright green coats under which you can spot one-shoulder printed blouses paired perfectly with cropped pants, waist wonderfully accentuated with a leather belt are just some of the outfits you might see.

Wear it to work or college

Untitled design (62)


‘When in doubt, wear black’ is the unwritten rule of the fashion industry, probably as old as time, but sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment a bit, Aussie style. Yes, black pencil skirt and stilettos will make you look great, but instead of wearing a plain white shirt, why not wear a bright green one? It will still be elegant and sophisticated, but it will also make you look fresh and youthful. Slim, cropped pants in bright green will not stick out too much if you pair them with something neutral like gray, beige, and white. Also, a green dress will not be over-the-top if you wear black pumps and put on a black jacket.

Wild nights out

Untitled design (64)


Is there a better way to stand out in a crowd than to wear something bright and bold? Off-shoulder bandeau crop tops pair perfectly with high-waist pencil skirts and pumps, and if one of those is bright green, there is just no chance you’ll stay unnoticed even in a crowded club. Playsuits are also popular, so by wearing it and lifting your hair in a high bun, you can get that edgy yet corporate look. A light, flowy dress combined with a clutch bag and cute flats will make you look like a delicate, feminine girl who just stepped out of a fairy tale.

The devil is in the details

Untitled design (65)


Even though Australians love to keep things casual, they still know where to draw the line. For those who are still reluctant to wear all-green, there is a way to incorporate this popular color into your everyday fashion easily. Discreet details are as important for the overall outfit as big pieces like pants, or shoes. A lovely pair of earrings, a nice bag, silk shawl, or a brooch that matches your nail polish or eyeshadow will make you look great and point out just how much you pay attention to details. Sometimes it’s enough to wear a statement necklace, or a cocktail ring to completely transform your look from ordinary to luxurious.

Australia has always been special: exotic, unusual, and even a bit dangerous, but Aussies are known worldwide for their laid-back attitudes. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they have always been known for their extravagant style which was different from strict styles of New York, Paris, and Milan. It looks like the world will be looking at Aussies for a bit of inspiration when it comes to fashion, and the Land Down Under sure has a lot to offer.

The Cutest Winter Hats to Rock on Campus



There’s nothing better than the feeling of warm, cozy winter gear. Of course, our coat and scarf combo wouldn’t be complete without a statement hat to really pull together our outfit. From sporty to girly — with vintage and art deco touches, we have tracked down this year’s cutest winter hats that you’ll want to wear around campus.


Knit Berets

When you’re looking to dress up for an outdoor date night to check out the holiday lighting, you’re going to want something a little more upscale than your ratty old hat some aunt made you. The knit beret is the perfect accessory. The yarn style (over traditional felt or cloth) gives it a warm and inviting texture while the shape is still upscale. We love it in jewel tone colors such a gold, turquoise, and ruby red.


Winter Cowboy

We’ve talked so much about brimmed hats for the summer and fall seasons, and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon! So we dub this season the season of winter cowboys and cowgirls! Go for dark leather (or pleather) with accents such as a thick gray ribbon around the brim or a flirty applique like a beaded flower or rhinestones. While it may not keep your ears from the elements, you’ll look like you’re straight off the runway.


‘70s Pom-Pom

Bring on the funky colors, the puffy poms, and the stripes and chevrons! The ‘70s and ‘80s are back with knit hats inspired from your mom’s closet. The hit show This is Us is our inspiration. Mandy Moore’s flashback character sporting some of the cutest snow-appropriate hats we’ve seen. Think brown, tan, and green and then add a poof ball on top that’s slightly oversized. You’ll feel like the kid out of the magazine.


Chunky Tassels

While you’re looking at knitted hats or asking your crafty sister to make you one, ask her to add on some tassels just because. Sure, they’re really not that functional, but who cares when you can twist them around or treat them as an extension of your long hair. We especially love it when you’re going to an end-of-the-year football game or walking around campus with your friends. The bigger the better for this look to work. You really want them to stand out as part of your hat style.


Rounded Riding Caps

If you really want to rock a look completely unique, go for the riding cap. It’s hitting it big this year, especially on runways in Europe. The rounded hat without the brim isn’t for everyone, but it will turn heads. Keep it simple in neutral colors like black or tan. Match it with a knit coat to add texture or go full-out with the theme and add knee-high boots, leather gloves, and leggings.


Velvet, Fur, and Felt

We’ve mentioned texture a lot, but it’s so important when it comes to hats. It will truly define your winter style. So if you’re over knit, what’s left? This year, you’ll find a lot of felt to replace wool. It’s thicker and a bit more luxurious. Velvet is also in for hats that are more like fascinators (think British) and more decorative than functional. And fur, especially bolder colors and extra fluffy are becoming fashionista favorites of stars like the Kardashians. Whatever you choose, balance it out with a coat that is a different texture. Don’t match fur with fur or velvet with velvet. Mix it up, have fun, and find what works for you!