Eye on Brights


With the weather warming up after a long and tortuous winter, the first thing that comes to my mind is adding color back into my recently dreary and drab wardrobe. We’ve all been there- the frumpy sweaters, wearing the same boots every day, living in leggings because they’re warm and require minimum effort…but then BAM! Spring is finally here and we’re ready for color! We’re ready for warmth! We’re ready for anything that doesn’t involve tucking our heads down in our scarves to avoid the wrath of winter!

Now if it isn’t necessarily warm where you’re living, color is a great way to incorporate your excitement for the season into your wardrobe. Whether you’re going to class, getting ready for a night out, or even going to work- color is an easy way to look put together even on the days when you might not have it all together. Choosing something other than a neutral and rocking it creates the illusion that you tried really hard to look as good as you do.


Take this neon teal vest for example. Why do I love it? Firstly, it’s an easy piece to throw on over anything you already own. Jeans and a neutral top? Done. Basic maxi dress? Instantly adds some character. Also, this vest is a great way to add a little extra warmth that is sometimes needed during the spring.


Who doesn’t love a flowy top? It covers what needs to be covered and still looks great! Bright coral is always on trend for the warmer months, and this top incorporates a little bit of the military trend that’s big for this season. Either over leggings or tucked into a skirt, this shirt is sure to cover all of your fashion needs.


But what if you’re not in the market for any more clothes? If your closet in your Residence Hall is bursting at the seams and your roommate is sick of it, try some statement jewelry! I found this neon necklace on GROUPON of all places, and it screams glamour and fun all it one piece! This can look great with a chambray shirt you probably already have in that extra full closet, or dressed up with your staple LBD (little black dress).

If your wardrobe is not the only thing in dire need of brightening, check out our great décor items! They’re guaranteed till graduation and to also make your spirits brighten up with the warmer weather!



Pillow, Rug, Canvas

How to Tastefully Show Your Midriff: Do’s and Dont’s


The 90s are officially back in style. That means overalls, plaid, and yes, even crop tops. It seems like so long ago that Britney Spears made headlines for showing her midriff in the …Baby One More Time music video. Now, with spring here and summer not far away, midriffs are on full display. I’m talking everywhere: at the mall, your favorite restaurant, and even at the school library. Trends are definitely a good thing, but when it comes to showing skin, you’ve got to be careful.

If you’re ready to embrace crop top, bra let, and corset trends this season, pay attention! Here are some do’s and don’ts to tastefully show off your midriff:


Do: Wear a Cropped Shirt With Something High Waisted


There is a fine line between showing skin and showing too much skin. That is why high waisted skirts, shorts, and pants are always a good idea. They can perfectly compliment a midriff-baring top. Ideally, you want to show off an inch or two of skin – no more. That will keep it classy and still let you embrace the trend. So, when you go shopping for a crop top of your very own, don’t forget to look for a high waisted piece to wear with it. You’ll look polished, put together, and fashionable.


Don’t: Pair a Midriff Baring Top With Low-Rise Shorts


Nothing says fashion no-no like wearing a crop top with some low-rise shorts. While you may have seen plenty of girls around campus doing it, that doesn’t mean you have to! Showing off that much skin at one time isn’t flattering or tasteful. That’s why it’s important not to expose too much of your stomach and your legs all at once. If the weather is hot and you’re tempted to grab a pair of low-rise shorts, try pairing a crop top with a long, flowy skirt instead.

Do: Layer, Layer, And Layer



If you want to show off your midriff in style, layering is a great idea. Adding on a piece like a lightweight kimono or a sleeveless cardigan can give your outfit a little glamour – while keeping you covered up. It’s the best of both worlds! You can wear a super stylish cropped shirt without ever feeling overexposed. Layering gives you a bit of modesty and can help you feel better, too. Another option? Try layering on a sheer top!


Don’t: Wear Something You Feel Uncomfortable In


Have you ever bought a top that you totally love – until you put it on? Suddenly, you have buyer’s remorse. Here’s the thing: if you’re wearing something you’re not comfortable in, everyone can tell. You’ll spend your afternoon tugging at your tee, putting your purse on your lap, and wishing you brought along a sweater.


When it comes to showing your midriff, the most important ‘do’ is to be confident. Whether you’re showing an inch of skin or your entire stomach, make sure you look and feel great in what you’re wearing. After all, that’s what matters most!


Photos: http://lamodellamafia.com


Announcing the New 2014 Spring Linen Collection


With every new season comes trends, color and an opportunity to refresh your space and wardrobe. At OCM, our main goal is to provide families with all of the dorm livin’ essentials they need to make their home away from home as comfortable as possible. With that being said, we’re keen on staying in-trend, bringing onboard only the finest of prints, colors and fabrics to turn your residence hall into your canvas. From floor to walls, we’re always working on keeping your space as modern and cozy as possible. You saw last year’s roundup of bright neons, a wide selection of wall canvases and art, the coziest of carpets to keep things comfortable and your favorite Value Paks in a multitude of colors and prints. Now, we’re pleased (and super excited) to bring you this year’s preview of the 2014 lineup. Inspired by your feedback from previous years and a lot of stalking of celebrity style, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with this year’s new line just as fast as we did.

1) First up to bat, the perfect print for someone who loves to match patterns and really make a statement: Blue Lennox (even the name sounds awesome, amiright?)

Blue Lennox - OCM.com

Blue Lennox – OCM.com

Take it from Halle Berry… blue chevron looks amazing both in your closet and on your bed. The mix and match of patterns in this set creates depth and personality while the vibrant blue hues cool your space and add a vibe of freshness. Pair it with your favorite navy accessories and don’t be afraid to accessorize with beachy decor.

2) Guys, this next one has you written all over it. Robert Pattinson rocks the grey and black color palette that adds just the perfect pinch of suave sophistication to your room. The Black Easton Stripe print sets the tone for laid back style. Available in separate pieces or in a Value Pak bundle, this set is ready to order and ship to your new man-cave on campus.


The best part about this set is you can pair it with any color you want or mix and match with your wall art and canvases. A black rhino trunk goes with just about every room and is 100% a college student’s rite of passage. Use it as a storage unit, bedside table, extra seat and more; it’s up to you. Girls, you can even rock this print too – just pair it with a bright neon colored sheet set and your favorite accessories. It’s your canvas, get creative!

3) Grape Melange: right in season and always on trend.


Angie Harmon looks adorable in this radiant purple peplum dress. The Y shape stitching and detailing on this dress adds the perfect touch of style without overdoing it. The Grape Melange room reciprocates this, adding comfort and on-trend style to your room, apartment or residence hall. Radiant orchid hues are going to be making a big splash this summer on the red carpet and in home decorating – get above the curve!

4) Black white and chic: Black Lennox


We don’t even need to get into how perfect Selena Gomez always looks. She kills the black, white and red look in this shoot for Glamour magazine and we love her dress made from clashing patterns! The Black Lennox print is stylish, timeless and overall glamorous when tied together with the perfect red accents. Pair it with one of our red Majestic Home Goods seating solutions to add style and functionality all at once! Just like the Blue Lennox print, this mix and match of chevron and diamond patterns gives you a little taste of everything all in one adorable solution. Guys, this one’s not just for girls! Pair it with your favorite City Prints wall decor and add a grey, black or red rhino trunk to tie it all together.

5) Maison Leaf Print:


Blake Lively shows us that even the most floral of accents can look amazing when paired with the right accessories. Her blue floral bodycon dress is perfect with her subtle makeup and pop of a bright pink lip. Not to mention, the simplicity of her hair and jewelry puts the focal point right on her outfit. Love her look? Steal it with the Maison Leaf print available for the 2014 season. The simplicity of the complimentary toned leaves add a dainty and floraly feel without overwhelming the room. The cool blue hues pair perfectly with a dark floor covering or white shaggy carpet. Pair this one with your favorite beachy wall canvases and any rustic wood compliments you have laying around (like the owl touches shown here). And of course, don’t forget to add a trunk to store all of your valuables when not in use. Love this print? So do we!

6) Victorian Damask and Kiwi:


Not an oldie, but still a goodie. Kate Beckinsale steps out in a lime green pinch-waist dress that accentuates her accessories with the contrast of the bright neon hue. Steal her style and make your space exciting and inviting with the Victorian Damask set and a pop of your favorite color sheet. Play it up for the Spring and Summer with a bright blue, purple or green sheet set and tone it down in the winter by changing the sheets out for a dark red, purple or deep pink. Don’t forget to switch up your accessories to keep things fun and interesting! And if you’re wondering, yes that white shag rug is glorious on your feet stumbling out of bed for 8 am classes!

Looking for more fabulous looks and new items added to OCM for Spring 2014? Head here and browse for everything you need (or want) for back to school season!

Image Credits:

Selena Gomez, Kate Beckinsale, Blake Lively, Rob. Pattinson, Halle Berry, Angie Harmon.


Emerald to Kiwi: Trends are ‘Going Green’


Green showcases yellow’s sunniness and thoughtfulness with blue’s cool mellowness to create green, the soothing color we associate with nature, vitality and friendliness. This hue has been receiving recognition in recent years with specific shades like emerald and mint being trumpeted as hottest trends. If worn properly, it can add a refreshing touch to your look; if you find the right shade, it can actually detract from your overall appearance. Keep reading for practical tips!

Find the right green for your skin

Because green has both warm and cool undertones, almost anyone can pull off a shade of green. The trick is to find the right tint specifically for you. While this may come down to trial and error, be aware that most people look better in tones that lean towards blue rather than yellow. The latter runs the risk of making the wearer come across as jaundice and is often associated with illness.

Use it to spice up your features

Green eye shadow will make brown irises pop and, when mixed with warm metallic, will bring out the flecks of gold in green eyes. While floral crowns or green hair pins will look lovely in blond and brunette tresses, redheads will dazzle when they contrast their warmly colored curls against emerald accents. Of course, green can add a fun dash of color to any outfit with a green nail art.

Have fun with accessories


greentrends3Whether it is with pumps, statement-making necklaces, purses or belts, green can be both elegant and playful. For a feminine daytime look, pair it with blues, lilacs and off-whites. For a sharp nighttime attire, contrast it with blacks, corals and plums. Softer versions can be stylishly featured alongside silver, while gold will add attractive warmth to deeply rich shades.

Go for the unexpected

You can absolutely wear a green shirt, but why not be attention-grabbing by featuring it in somewhat unique ways? A green blazer will add an uplifting touch to a professional look; green skirts paired with a naturally colored blouse is a lesser seen look; or couple it with a bold pattern like leopard or zebra.

Bring green from the closet to the dorm room

Shop the look: www.ocm.com

Shop the look: www.ocm.com

Green will look equally appealingly in your dorm room as it will on you. OCM has plenty of dorm bedding options that incorporate green detailing, as well as floor area rugs that offer variations in tints and interesting patterns. Because of its naturally pleasing, relaxing nature, you can use it in large quantities without overpowering the senses, and it will pacify your nerves before stressful happenings like tests, interviews or more.

Image Credit: Polyvore

Accessories Image: www.LadyofStyle.com

Collage: www.ocm.com

My Favorite Outfit for Going Out


Its 8:30 on Friday night and all of your friends are ready to go out on the town and blow off some steam after a stressful week of Chem labs and essays except you’re still sitting on your bed with 4 or 5 outfits laid out in front of you. Decisions, Decisions.

In order to give you some inspiration, a few of our student writers let us pick their mind and shared a few of the essentials they NEED to have when going out.

Joanna, Suffolk University

When getting ready for a night on the town, I like to be both stylish and comfortable. My go-to outfit usually consists of black skinny jeans, a white loose-fitting blouse, and a fitted leather moto-jacket. While my taste in clothing can be described as minimalistic, I like to make my shoes the statement piece of the outfit. Whether its chunky black combat boots, retro NIKE’s, or chic flats, I prefer my shoes to be both bold and sensible (high heels are not my forte). For a handbag, I always stick with a black side satchel for easy, hands-free convenience. Of course, no outfit is complete without hair and makeup to match. Depending on my mood, I will either leave my hair down with long, loose curls, or slick it back in a straight ponytail. As someone who loves experimenting with makeup, I usually like to pair my ensemble with a bold red lip and dramatic cat-eye. I finish it off with a few spritzes of my favorite perfume, and it’s out the door I go!

Monique, University of Central Florida


Choosing what to wear out for me is always a question of what setting am I going to be in and who’ll be there? Typically, if it’s a nicer setting and I’m going with my best friends, I will definitely be putting on a pair of heels with a skirt and cute top. I am, however, particular about my heels ÔÇô they have to be something that wonÔÇÖt kill my feet after being on them for several hours and also ones that wonÔÇÖt get ruined with drinks spilled on them. So, suede is a no for the bars! If itÔÇÖs a less formal setting, IÔÇÖll usually opt for a pair of jeans, a tank top and maybe wedges or flats. ItÔÇÖs all about getting the right mix of comfort and style!

Rachel, Drexel University


I’ll be the first to admit that I have at least dozen blazers in my closet. They are a style essential for interviews and, when you sport this style with ornate detailing or bold hues, they’re perfect for nightlife. I have an affinity for black’s ability to naturally make me look slender, and would be lost without my black skinny jeans and my many “LBDs.” In order to not have my outfit be humdrum, I like to add a dash of red or pink to give femininely energetic dynamic to my outfit (check OCM’s blog post about combining black-and-white with color). This can be done through jewelry, lip color, pumps and, of course, a blazer.

Black and White + A Splash of Color


They may be at opposite ends of the light spectrum, but there is no doubt that, when bold blacks and whites are brought together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the fashion world has revitalized this timeless color duo by using them as a backdrop to bring other more vibrant colors to life. Black and white with a pop of color is a modern trend that is both simplistic and edgy. Unlike more subdued tints of gray or brown, these pigments have the ability to awaken normally passive hues like pastels or cooler colors like blue or green.

For your dorm, consider having the major pieces, like your bed comforter, dressers, and chairs to be black and white. Ununiformed prints like this zebra comforter or rug will be particularly engaging to the eyes and add a contemporary edge to the environment. Plus, everyone knows the masterful impact black-and-white photography has on viewers; browse our many college wall canvases to find topnotch shots of New York City, sandy beaches and more.

This image belongs to OCM.com

Colorful accent pieces will really pop when contrasted against the neutral tones, so make sure the decor details you’re emphasizing are purposeful and attractive. For inspiration, check out our college room decor supplies and college frames. Be mindful that the eye will naturally be drawn to these colorful bursts of life, so make sure items like the trash can or laundry caddy aren’t the items that will stand out.

While you are not restricted to utilizing a single bright hue, limit yourself to no more than three or four pops of color in order to maintain a clean, chic aesthetic.


Emma Z – The Little Black Dress



My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. Today I am bringing you a post about Spicing up your Little Black Dress (LBD)!

A LBD is a simple piece that can do magic in your wardrobe. I wanted to bring three simple additions to your little black dress that will take your look to the next level!

Look 1: Add a scarf, leopard touches, and fun stockings!

Emma Z. from Behindtheleopardglasses.com

Emma Z. from Behindtheleopardglasses.com

What I Wore: glasses-Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, scarf & stockings- DSW, heels- Christian Siriano for Payless

Look 2: Add a denim jacket & loafers for a casual look


What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, necklace- local Pharmacy, jacket- vintage Levis, stockings- Target, loafers- Sam & Libby for Target

Look 3: Add leather for a rocker look!


What I Wore: glasses – BonLook, dress- Forever 21, necklace- Cake for Breakfast, leather jacket- Members Only via ModCloth, heels- Kate Young for Target

Bottom line,

throw on a statement necklace

& some fun accessories


& when wearing your LBD don’t forget a fun lip stick,


Thanks for reading =)

stay tuned for my next installment!



What’s Trending: Color Palettes for 2014


With much of the country’s cold weather subsiding to make way for sunshine, many of us have shopping on our minds. We’re excitedly looking ahead to upcoming seasons, which leave us to wonder about what styles and hues we can excitedly anticipate for 2014. Below is a breakdown of four fashion trends that are destined to make a strong presence in the upcoming seasons, and ways to incorporate them into your dorm and wardrobe.



Want to stand out amongst the crowd? For a textile that can aptly reflect your bold personality unlike any others, look to metallic. Adding accents of this shimmery material to your wardrobe can make any daytime outfit pop. Whether it’s with scarves, shoes, headbands, belts or a bedazzled cuff bracelet, try mixing this dynamic pattern with springy pastels to create a fresh, sunny ensemble. For nighttime, contrast the metallic with darker, richer hues like oxblood, black, plum or jade. Go for larger pieces like a skirt, bolero jacket or dress to make sure you make a statement that really stands out!

Of course, metallic detailing can jazz up your dorm room as well. Stylish items like decorative pillows, wall hangings and candle holders can create a modern, voguish atmosphere. If you are looking to add pops of metallic into your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to take risks and, if you dare, challenge yourself to a DIY project involving some silver or gold spray paint and a stencil.

Radiant Orchid

orchidIf you are really looking to champion the season’s most celebrated color trend, look no further than Radiant Orchid. This tint of purple is the perfect balance between sophistication and adventure, always adding a sense of vivacity when paired with other colors. Incorporate a touch of radiant orchid into your dorm room this season, and say bye to the drab blues of winter with bright and exciting orchid hues. Need somewhere to start? This floral wall art purple print poster from our extensive art collection is the perfect option!

To incorporate it into your wardrobe, consider adding radiant orchid touches with your choice in manicure, clutch purse or shoes. Plus, ladies with brown or green eyes can make their peepers truly dazzle by featuring this trendy color with their eye shadow.


pastelsWhen the weather begins to finally transition from cold to warm, it is time to ditch the dark, drab colors and start introducing brighter colors into your life. And nothing says, “Bye-bye, black” better than pastels. Light, almost powdery shades of blue, pink, green, and yellow have made a splash in the fashion scene, and don’t show any signs of slowing down for the spring. These colors are versatile in that they can be used as a neutral color to springboard other vibrant color off of, or as statement colors balanced out with white or black. Pastels are playful, classy, and perfect both fashion and decor style. To add some soft tints to your attire, why not rock a feminine but professional light blue, mint or peach blazer? Blazers have been hitting the fashion scene since the 80’s, and yes, even the shoulder pads are making a come back. You can find stylish blazers for great prices from anywhere like amazon.com to lookbookstore.com.

Pastel dorm items are the perfect way to welcome sunniness into your room; for example, this aqua area rug brightens the space while adding some extra lush comfort beneath your flip flop feet!

Black and White


Two of the most contradictory colors in the spectrum have always had a history of being the perfect partners in crime. Recently, black and white has made a strong re-appearance in the fashion scene, both in personal style and home decor. You can use just these two colors to make a bold statement, or use them as a color-neutral backdrop for other brighter hues. Whether you sport the combination with a pants suit, checkered dress, striped tee or polka dotted jeans, this unapologetic color scheme will look modern, classy and streamlined.

We at OCM love the black and white trend, just look at our Room and Decor selection and you’ll see why! Check out the little black dress jewelry organizer and our black and white frames wall decals for some fun inspiration!

Maintaining a firm grasp on the seasons’ trends shouldn’t be stressful. With the right color palette at your fingertips, you can transform your closet and room decor into a forward-thinking, stylish delight!