Smart Black Friday Buys for College Students


black friday college buysWe’re all about Black Friday! The tradition of getting up at the crack of dawn to go shopping is tailor-made for us, especially if it means saving a TON of money on college essentials. If you’re shopping on what is arguably the best deal day of the year, here’s a list of smart Black Friday buys for college students.

1.    Headphones

We’re all about Beats, but we’d take any on-ear, Bluetooth headphone in a chrome or vintage color (such as rose gold or wood look). If Beats aren’t in your budget, even with Black Friday deals, try Skullcandy or JayBird.

2.    New Dorm Bedding

With winter semester looming, we’re going to need some bedding that can withstand drafty dorm rooms. Load us up with cute quilts, fleece throws, or flannel sheets. Darker colors work for the winter look, but white is extra comfy for a hotel feel.

3.    Slippers and PJs

We’ve been walking around our dorm community in our high school pajamas this whole semester. While we love comfy, we’re getting embarrassed by the holes in our slippers. Fleece, please. It’s extra soft and warm.

4.    Upgraded Storage Solutions

After the holidays, we’re coming home back to campus with loads of new gifts, but nowhere to put them. We’d love if you snagged us some storage cubes, tubs, or under-the-bed systems. Desk and closet organizers also go a long way.

5.    Upscale Pillows and Mattress Toppers

Sleeping on uncomfortable dorm mattresses has taken a toll on us. A feather-down or hypoallergenic pillows for our neck and ultra-luxurious mattress toppers to make our sleep more pleasant.

6.    Chromebook or Tablet

We’re loving how affordable it is to use computers today. We can make a tablet like an iPad to take notes, write papers, or collaborate with our classmates. But if we need a new computer and cash is limited, Chromebooks are equally powerful and totally college-friendly for a fraction of the cost of a MacBook.

7.    Winter Clothing and Gear

Believe it or not, but we spend a ton of time outdoors walking to and from class, to the cafeteria, or even to the gym. That means we need winter and weather-proof gear that can withstand snow and below zero temperatures. Load up on parkas, boots, and gloves!

8.    Smartwatches

We love wearable technology, especially if it helps us be more productive. Apple watches are all the rage for those with iPhones, but we also love Fitbit HR2’s that track our steps and send us text messages while we work out.

9.    Essential Appliances

We would love to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. A single-cup coffee maker or an electric pot would keep us from having to spend a small fortune at Starbucks this morning. Rice cookers and blenders can also help us stay healthy and keep our eating at home in our dorms.

10.  Holiday Décor

We want to get into the holiday spirit as well! A small Christmas tree with a few ornaments would make us feel warm and bright, and we could use some dangling lights and tinsel to up our décor style.  

Hacks for Hosting Friendsgiving Dinner at College



Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving for friends, is almost here, and we are already drooling over how awesome it’s going to be! All over, college students like us are taking on their own Thanksgiving celebrations and bringing them straight to the dorm. While it may seem impossible to do a full-on dinner party, you can make it happen with these 12 hacks for hosting thanksgiving dinner!


1. Get Lucky with Pot-Luck

One of the easiest ways to host a successful Friendsgiving in a dorm or small apartment is to make it pot-luck. Assemble a list of essential food items and have each of your guests select what they will bring or make.


2. Order It In

No cooks among you or limited access to fridges and ovens? Order in instead. Restaurants and catering companies offer Thanksgiving-to-go a few days in advance. Just pick up your pre-cooked turkey and sides and serve hot. Viola!


3. Reserve a Common Space

Your 200 square foot dorm is probably not going to cut it. But because it’s the holidays, you may be able to convince your RA to let you use (or rent) you a common area, such as a lounge or event space, instead. That provides you more seating and tables to spread out!


4. Rent Another Room

If you’ve decided that your dorm will have to do, ask another student if you can rent their room to store your big furniture (such as a bed, desk or storage container) while you host your party. You might have to slip them some money for it, but you’ll be thankful for the extra room.


5. Make It a Picnic

If you’re not able to get the seating you need, consider doing a Thanksgiving picnic. Spread out flannel or brown and gold blankets on the floor and host a simple meal like turkey sandwiches with cranberry jelly.


6. Don’t Forget Entertainment

We love DIY games like giant Jenga or watching Christmas movies such as Christmas Vacation. You can also play a game of Thanksgiving-themed BINGO or Minute to Win It.


7. Hold a DIY Decor Contest

Don’t spend a ton of cash on centerpieces when you can have your friends do it for you. Host a contest where everyone brings a DIY floral or non-floral centerpiece. Then, have guests places beads or pennies next to their favorites. The winner takes all.


8. Curtain Tablecloths

Covering up ugly folding tables is a must, but table cloths are pricey. Instead, go thrift store shopping for window curtains. Most are just the right height and length, and you won’t feel bad about throwing these away or donating them when done.


9. Colored Fiestaware

“Who’s glass is this?” No thanks. Get plastic Fiestaware in different colors for each guest. Then no one has to play the guessing game of where they left their drink or whose plate is in their seat.


10. Pre-Make Leftover Bags

You can find plastic takeout boxes at most dollar stores. Before serving your meal, fill each up with a second course and stash to the side. When your guests are ready to go, hand them a takeout box as a party favor!


11. Game Hens Over Turkeys

Turkeys are complicated, massive, and not exactly dorm-friendly. Instead of turkeys, go with cornish game hens. They are already individually sized to perfectly fit in mini-fridges and they take less time to cook.


12. Make It a Community Affair

Dream of a party with strangers and friends alike? More than likely, there’s someone on your campus who doesn’t have a family to go home to or may be from another country. Get the word out about your Friendsgiving and make it a party you’ll never forget by inviting both your friends and your fellow students to join in and share what they are thankful for.


Fall Favorites: What’s Back for Fall 2016



Whether it is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or maybe taking out those fuzzy UGGS or a long cardigan… welcome back Fall! Leaves are falling, the weather’s becoming colder — I’m not sure about you, but this is my favorite time of the year! Here are some of my fall favorites for this upcoming season.

My Favorite Trends & Things About the Fall Season

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Combat Boots: My favorite kind of boots. Wear them. Love them. They’re the perfect mix of functional and fashionable. They’re durable enough for your treks to class, and stylish enough to pair with a casual dress on a girls’ night. 

UGGS: These fuzzy and comfortable shoes are perfect for the fall. Wear them outdoors or indoors for casual comfort.

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Oversized Sweatpants & Sweatshirts: Who doesn’t love comfy sweaters that make you wanna cuddle up with your friends or even your dog!? Whether it’s a nice cashmere sweater, your boyfriend’s hoodie or a hand-me-down from a beloved family member, there’s nothing better than the comfort fall fashion offers.

Snag a pair of comfy sweatpants from Victoria Secret or rep a sweatshirt with your school’s name. They’re great to mix with both casual and class-appropriate wear. Wear them around your residence hall for comfort, or pair your sweatshirt with a nice pair of jeans when running errands.


Image via Quinnipiac University

Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Starbucks is back with our favorite drinks! Go out and get yourself this delicious drink you will not regret. If your campus doesn’t have a Starbucks, use the coffee machine in your dorm or the coffee and ingredients at your dining hall to whip up a fall drink. Buy simple ingredients like cinnamon or hot chocolate packets — these non-perishables will stay fresh in your dorm room through the winter!

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High Knee Boots: If your knees get cold, you won’t regret buying these babies! They’re also perfect for a night out.

Fuzzy Socks: Perfect for those cold fall days, by the fireplace or in your room. No matter if they have a silly design or are just plain unstylish – comfort is the most important when you’re hanging out in your dorm.

Hot Chocolate: Buy it. Drink it. Love it. The BEST drink for fall and winter. Like I mentioned before, you can buy these packets to keep in your dorm room, and they won’t go bad.

31 Days of Halloween Movies: Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) is showing all your favorite Halloween hits.

Halloween: My all time favorite holiday. Who doesn’t love dressing up? I can’t imagine not celebrating this day.

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Thanksgiving: The best day to eat and feast like a pig, play football and spending time with family.

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Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall just like my friends and I are!