How to Do Beach Season Like a Fashion Pro


Summer is almost here and with its arrival, you should try to forget about your college worries. After all, it’s time to have some well-deserved fun in the sun and at the beach. But how to look your best at the beach when all you did in the past several months was study? Well, it’s never too late to shape up and choose the most flattering beach fashion for your particular body type.

Get fitter

First things first – do your best to get fitter. Of course, there’s hardly any time left before you can hit the beach but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. By getting physically active on a daily basis you will definitely notice a positive difference after just a couple of weeks. And when there’s room for improvement, why miss it? This is true for both girls and boys – if you can make your beach fashion look even trendier and more flattering on you, why not do it? Yes, you may not be able to get to your desired fitness level during this time but as long as you put some effort into it, you’ll feel a lot more confident. And confidence is the key to looking like a true fashion pro.

Minimalist style


If you’re a sporty type who likes a dash of elegance, going minimalist with the style of your swimwear is definitely the right choice. Not to mention how huge minimalism is as a trend this year. Bikinis with clear cuts and lines, in bold yet not so vibrant colors are a great option for the ladies. On the other hand, young gents will definitely enjoy the flattering swim shorts style just above the knees. Go for neutral colors and hybrid design that can turn your swim shorts into surf wear in an instant.

Romantic boho


While minimalism is definitely a polar opposite trend to boho style, boho is still standing strong. It seems that this style is headed for a timeless title. In that respect, crochet bikinis with flowery details are all the rage this beach season. Paired with flowy beach scarves and jewelry, this look is bound to make you feel like a fashion pro. At the same time, 50s-inspired men swim trunks with tropical prints and bright colors are perfect for a boho-loving gent.

Vintage vibe


The beauty of vintage fashion will always make you look more confident and unique. What’s more, vintage and retro-inspired bikinis are a perfect match for almost every body type. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the most flattering and fashionable way possible this summer, opt for vintage swimwear. When it comes to men swimsuit fashion, nautical board swim shorts are definitely the way to go.

Revealing trend


Since sporty and vintage cuts have been so popular recently, one can easily forget about the gorgeousness of high leg bikinis. But the runways didn’t forget. Thin bikini straps that hug your hips and almost touch the waist are still considered the sexiest beach look of them all. If you like the sound of this and the way these bikinis look on you, you can be sure that the beach will become your own personal runway. As far as men’s swimwear fashion is concerned, there are no thin straps and waist-hugging. However, swim briefs with interesting patterns are one of the fashion must-haves this season.

What is your favorite look for this fashionable beach time? Whatever swimsuit you decide to pick up remember to take care of your body. You should never spend too much time in the sun without protection. There’s a huge difference between a suntan and sunburn. What’s more, apart from damaging your skin, sunburns will definitely damage your beach style. Therefore, enjoy yourself to the fullest this summer and feel free to engage in beach fun dressed like a fashion pro but keep your safety in mind all the time.

Find & Seek – A Game of Personal Style



Much like our own lives, our personal style goes through many phases. Whether we are moving on from high school to college, from college to the real world, or from a puny dorm room into a big kid apartment, a change of space and pace often gives us a new perspective on ourselves and who we want to be. Inevitably, our fashion tastes change, as well, as we consider how we want to project ourselves to the rest of the world. This can be an outrageously fun time of your life, and if you are fashion-obsessed like yours truly, it happens even when you change your bedspread.

But there are many a questions that can arise during these moments: What trends do I follow? What trends can I even pull off? Where do I start? with basics and add on from there, or with trends and fill in the gaps? To shop online or to shop in-store? What stores/brands do I even go to? When is it OK to pay full price and when can I expect a deal? And what the heck do I do with all my old clothes?

Nightmare, right? WRONG. This kind of stuff is my heart and soul, my banana bread and peanut butter, my ripped jeans and plain white tee. In other words, you’ve come to the right girl for the answers.

Let me be fashionably late to introduce myself– my name is Meredith Wadsworth, but according to my 5th grade nemesis, you can call me Wad-of-Gum for short. I am a twenty-something girl who currently attends college in a rural, southern(ish) town and spends her summers interning with various fashion companies in New York City. I claim myself to be no expert to the industry (I’m working on it), but I do know more than a thing or two about keeping up with the style game when you feel as though your Pinterest board and budget just don’t agree.

I will be able to answer all of the aforementioned style questions and more, but that’s all in due time. For now, I’d like to thank you for reading this post and welcoming me into your life. I promise not to impose– hopefully only inspire!

So, until next time, I will leave you with three basic stepping stones for figuring out your personal style:

1. Determine your style icon(s). Maybe it is Blake Lively. Maybe it is your grandmama. Maybe it is Phoebe Buffet. Real, fake, old, young, famous– consider whose style you wish to emulate and why.

2. What are the three things in your wardrobe that you wear the most? Why do you wear them so often?

3. What do you want your clothes to say about you?

I encourage you to think about these three things, maul them over in your down time, let ’em sink in while sipping your green tea in bed, or during Game of Thrones commercials. Then, check back in with me and be ready to take things to the next level.

On your marks, get set, go.

Meredith is a contributing writer for OCM, and writes a personal style blog Fifteenth & Fifth. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @missmeredithrw for more!

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Nail Colors and Trends for Spring 2015


Put away the fall nail colors! Nothing says spring and warmer temperatures better than a sparkly and fun new manicure or pedicure. Nail color is the perfect way to brighten your look and celebrate the season, even with a limited budget. This is especially true when you select one of the top new nail color trends that are quickly taking over salons.


1.   Coral Pinks and Reds

Pink doesn’t only look good in your dorm. Bring the same energy to your manicure with corals and reds. Standing out among turquoise (a great pairing color combo) waves, coral is a shade worthy of being a trend this spring. It’s a great transition color between summer and spring and the shade is compatible enough to match just about any outfit.

2.   Clear Glitters

Glitter is typically associated with teenagers or young girls. It can look juvenile if not done properly. A more mature take on this is to keep the glitter light and iridescent or on top of a clear or white painted nail. Select a glitter in a metallic finish such as bronze or gold. Avoid rainbow glitters or those with extra shimmer.

3.   Pretty in Purple

Purple is often overlooked at nail salons. Some may shy away from darker purple as it might look too black. While others may think a lighter purple is too drab or flesh looking. However, a color in between, such as a violet or lilac, is refreshingly pretty. It looks perfect when paired with a sundress or a pair of neutral colored sandals.

4.   Matte Texture

Mattes have been rising in trends this past year, especially with lipsticks and now nail colors. Matte is paint that lacks shine, it’s dull, flat, and focuses on color over sheen. The texture looks great on a color that typically would shine in a light, such as a black or a navy blue. The darker the shade, the richer the look.

5.   Bold Neutrals

You could pick in-your-face neon or go big with striking reds; after all, no one really expects to see white, cream, or tan painted nails! By sticking to neutrals, your nails are ready to turn heads. Neutral color nails keep your fingers looking fresh, delicate, and clean. Depending on your skin tone, it also pops!

6.   Half-Moon Combo Colors

An alternative to the delicate and lovely french manicure, the half-moon is becoming big in nail trends. To get the half-moon look at home, select two complimentary or contrasting colors depending on your style. Once you have your shades, use round stickers, such as paper hole enforcers, to cover about a quarter of your nail. Then use your primary color to paint around the sticker and use a makeup brush to clean up the circle. Finally, paint the second color in the empty space. It should create a funky rising moon appearance at the bottom of your nail.

If you love following fashion and sticking with trends, don’t let your nails go neglected. By selecting a top nail color or trend, your fingers and toes will look both fresh and ahead of the times—helping you “nail” a brand-new look of your own!

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5 Handbags to Sport This Fall


The change of seasons call for an adjustment in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Scroll below to check out some new styles for handbags this fall and winter season.

Messenger: Need to bring everything with you? Well the easy access messenger bag comes in handy in that department.  From leather messenger bags to the durable canvas bag, you can find the material that fits your lifestyle. And don’t limit yourself to thinking messenger bags are only for those individuals that ride their bikes around campus, the messenger bag is an compatible piece that works for any student.


Cross body:  Cross body type purses are very accessible and will blend with a variety of outfits you might have in mind. They also make a great transition with most day to night outfits. These bags would be a must have for those trying to find a fashionable bag to carry around daily.

crossbody              crossbody2           River Island Dark Green Large Satchel

Textured: A textured purse is a must have for the fall season and your wardrobe. Velvet felt purses are a hot commodity, along with leather and a few others. A textured handbag will add detail to your outfit without putting forth much effort.

New Look Bag with Snake Affect Print            

Tote: A large tote bag with pockets and zipper compartments is ideal for wanting style and an efficient way to carry your English paper, pens, calculator an textbook. From luxury brands to your college or university’s logo filled ones, tote bags will always be in style.

ALDO Almemosa Shopper Bag                          

Backpack: The classic backpack look has evolved overtime, choices no longer look so traditional but provide the option between edgy or modern like. Pair your backpack with a stylish dress and flats, or jeans and booties.

ASOS Foldover Backpack with Oversized Dog Clip                  New Look Xhatch Formal Backpack with Pocket

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Spring into Ombre, Geometric Patterns and Florals


Now that the long, grueling winter months are almost behind us, it is time to start looking forward to all that spring has to offer. Of course, the first step in preparing for a new season is to make sure your wardrobe and room decor are both ready for the transition. Welcome the rise in temperature with upbeat colors and, more importantly, vibrant patterns. This spring, dynamic motifs are set to take center stage with floral, geometric shapes, decorative, and polka dots experiencing a surge in popularity. OCM has all the staples you need to make sure your room is reflective of these spring trends.


Credit: Forever 21

Image Cred: Forever 21

You would be hard-pressed to find a print that speaks more to the essence of spring than a floral design. Choose anywhere from whimsical watercolor flowers to intricate embroidered arrangements for a dauntless, bloomy look. Floral is the quintessential pattern for creating the airy, carefree aura that spring is all about. A tiny, flowery print runs the risk of being overly cutesy, regardless of whether it is featured on a dress or a comforter. Feature asymmetrical designs or more subdued tones like purple, blue and green; much like this Vincent Van Gogh Poster.  Another way you can tastefully insert a floral touch to a room or outfit is with accent pieces. A floral necklace or skirt will add a feminine touch to a mature outfit, and a decorative pillow like this will make a dorm room pop without overwhelming the eye.

Geometric Shapes

Khloe Kardashian Nail Tips!

Khloe Kardashian Nails

In the past year, many trends were brought back to life, yet re-invented with a modern twist. One trend in particular was 90’s minimalistic, represented through structured mono-colored and black and white styles. In spring 2014, the minimalistic trend will undergo a slight re-vamp with sharp geometric shapes.

To incorporate geometric shapes into your attire, seek out pieces with bold color palettes. Zigzags, overlapping boxes, triangles . . . there are seemingly infinite choices for you to choose from. This bold pattern is not for the faint of heart so, if you are unsure that you’re ready to wear a dress or blazer that says “look at me”. You can use this trend to spice up monochromatic ensembles with jewelry, clutches and manicure.

How can you achieve this geometric look for your room? Try using only 2-3 colors throughout the entire outfit or dorm room to create a color-blocking effect. From there you can chose where you want to incorporate your geometric shapes. Embrace nontraditional angles! Many of our dorm room seating options offer crisp lines and contemporary color contrasts for a youthfully dynamic aesthetic.

Abstract Art

Remember when you were in preschool and, instead of painting with a brush you used your fingers instead? Turns out, you were on to something! Whether it is with splattered fabric, hand painted garments or designs that look like they were crafted with a crayon or spray can, the runways are heating up with stylish forms of self-expression. The fashion world loves motifs that evoke a sense of Picasso or Pollock, and so is OCM! This fun, energetic look captures what it is to truly be a young adult nowadays, so give your room whimsicalness with one our many abstract art posters.

Polka Dot


Nasty Gal Polka Dot Pants

A polka dot print has the ability to lighten any mood, and is the perfect symbolization of springtime joyfulness. Playful and energetic, the circles can be laid out in a uniform pattern to pay homage to the looks of previous generations. For a fresher aesthetic, make the polka dots unevenly distributed for an appearance that suggests both sweet and sassy.

You can add a little pop of the print in a wall decal, or make it the center of attention with dorm room bedding. Either way, a polka dot pattern incorporated into your dorm will help you channel the joyfulness that spring creates.


Try a gradient effect in your hair like Lauren Conrad - Her Ombre locks are a must-do for Spring!

Photo Cred: The Trend Diaries

The gradient print has made a rather large splash in the fashion scene as of late, even being imitated in the beauty realm with the ever-popular Ombre hairstyle. The gradient print is perfect for the time of year; spanning from dark to light, it playfully can represent the dramatic rebirth nature goes through during this particular time of the year. Try this look in blue ombre shower curtains, curtains or doormats to create a cool, casual environment.

After surviving a long winter, getting ready for the splendor of spring can be thrilling! The best way to welcome this new season is by transforming your room to include the season’s trendiest patterns.You can get all the hottest spring styles here at OCM!