Trunk Styles for College Dorm Rooms



A trunk for your dorm should be one of the first items you invest in while out shopping for your room’s supplies.  Space tends to be limited in residence halls, so the additional storage trunks provide is great for clothes, towels, extra sheets, books, or whatever personal items you choose to store.  You can also use this classic furniture piece as an end table or a coffee table in the living space, making it a multi-functional product. There are a few different styles to choose from, depending on its planned use.  Read on to find the right trunk to fit your dorm needs.

  1. Armored Standard Dorm Size Trunk

This waterproof, scratchproof, and dent-proof item is especially prepared for the ups and downs of college life. If you are unsure of your dorm room’s measurements, this may be the best choice for you. The dimensions of the standard trunk are 30” x 16” x 16” with four cubic feet of storage capacity. For those who are uncertain about how much space they need, you can have peace of mind in knowing that this is the size that is most popular among dorm dwellers. With these trunks, you also have the option to add wheels for easy transportation.  They also come equipped with padlock compatibility to keep your valuables secure.

  1. Plastic Trunk

Plastic trunks are some of the most rugged and durable options available. They share many of the same benefits as the above mentioned style, including the option of wheels and the inclusion of a padlock. What’s more, they’re waterproof, airtight, and shock resistant. The main difference is that this style lacks the aesthetic appeal that many armored standard trunks provide. Therefore, we recommend either storing plastic trunks away from your immediate line of sight or covering them with an attractive blanket.

  1. Suitcase Trunk

The name of this dorm essential describes the wonderful multifunctional purpose of the item.  This is especially useful if you are moving farther away from home, as this trunk option passes TSA luggage check. This nifty product serves as a trunk but has all of the conveniences of a suitcase.  It has wheels, an extendable handle, multiple compartments, and is more lightweight than most trunks.  This item still has the style and durability of a trunk, and is equipped with padlock compatibility. Most models are smaller, so it may not be practical for housing larger items like extra dorm bedding or doubling as seating.

  1. Underbed Trunk

Once again, the name of this trunk says it all.  When you are living in such a small space as a dorm room, you may want to maximize your open space by storing your personal belongings out of sight and out of the way.  With this trunk, you have the same style, durability, and padlock compatibility as any other trunk, but it will be shorter so that it slides easily under your bed.  Utilize bed risers and you have everything you need for this ideal storage option.

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Seasonal Clothes


March, 20 2014…First day of spring

It’s that time of year to pack away cold weather clothes for our warm weather ones. Summer is around the corner!

Over the past weekend I found myself in my son’s room going through his closet and dresser. It’s amazing the amount of clothes a one year old has let alone doesn’t fit into anymore. As I start going through his closet, I’m thinking about how big he’s getting and how I’m going to store all these clothes. Luckily for me I did some research. has a great article on storing your seasonal clothes. They talk about choosing the right hangers, storage bins, and things to avoid like cardboard that attracts insects. No thank you!

As an employee at On Campus Marketing, I know we sell lots of Storage Bins and Rhino Trunks. Both are perfect for storing clothes that one day can be worn again.


Whether it’s your child’s closet or your own closet, these helpful tips will go a long way.  So it’s bye for now winter coat, hat and gloves; we’ll see you in 8 months!