Valentines Day Recipes


Whether you love Valentines Day or absolutely hate it, you can’t deny that February 14 is (literally) right around the corner.  Even if you aren’t a big romantic, there’s one thing to love about the holiday:  the food.  This holiday is one that really promotes eating, so what better time is there to try your hand at a few recipes?  These treats are fit to satisfy any sweet tooth, Valentines Day lover or not.


1. Homemade Marshmallows

Rich and creamy homemade marshmallows shaped like hearts for Valentine's Day!:


What’s better than a nice store-bought bag of marshmallows?  A batch of gooey, melt-in-your-mouth homemade marshmallows. Sure, buying a bag of your favorite puffy treat is quick  The best part:  no oven required.

2. Strawberry Milkshake Cookies

Strawberry Milkshake Cookies - Perfect for Valentine's Day!


If your sweet tooth is five times larger than normal, these are the cookies for you.  They are super sweet, and true to their name. Trust me when I say they’re reminiscent of a strawberry milkshake – you’ll fall for ’em.

3. Red Velvet Cake Balls

Quick and Easy Valentines Day Red Velvet Truffles- Makes the perfect dessert for two!:


If any dessert completely symbolizes Valentines Day, it’s chocolate.  Mix it together with another decadent favorite, red velvet cake, and you’ve got a delicious treat.

What are you eating for Valentines Day?

10 Questions to Ask Before Breaking (or Making) Up


After dealing with the stress of a long holiday break away (or even together), it’s normal to spend the late winter months reevaluating a relationship. Sometimes, it’s best to take some time to consider your campus relationship. As Valentine’s Day approaches, hit the pause button and evaluate whether you should break up or make up with these ten tips.


  1. Do I spend more time happy or sad?

Here’s a test you can do in one day. Head out to a museum, event, or just a day spent alone together. In your head (or even on a phone or paper), try to remember the times you felt negatively towards the person. Did it take up the entire day, and more importantly, are these normal feelings you have when you spend time with them?

  1. Is my life consumed by this person?

Though your college relationship is meaningful, it can also be draining and stressful. If you never get time to do things solo, it might be time to break the chain.




  1. Does this person support my dreams?

You went to college to pursue a passion or a career. If your partner discourages you from attending events or clubs that interest you, consider it a sign.

  1. Do I have time for this person?

If you spend all your time apart, you can’t give them the attention they deserve. Try to find a schedule that works for you. If you’re unwilling to compromise, your decision is already made.

  1. How do my friends feel about him/her?

Sometimes, friends see your situation more clearly than you. Talk to your friends and have an honest discussion. Beware of airing too much dirty laundry, though. This can cause them to take your side too easily.




  1. Have I done all that I can to make things better?

Have you tried listening to their wants and needs? When you fight, do you hear them or are you just screaming over them to get a word in? Before breaking up, sit down and listen to them tell you what they need to make this work without interrupting or getting defensive. It’s tough but so worth it.

  1. What would I tell my friend if he/she were in my shoes?

Write down your complaints in a journal and then read them back to yourself. What would you say to the person on the other side? Flipping the perspective can be very revealing.


  1. Have they crossed a line?

We all go into relationships knowing what would be big red flags. From cheating to dishonesty, lines are usually drawn before that first date. Think back to you pre-relationship and consider if they went over that point. If they are still in the gray area, there may be time to make up.




  1. Is this enough for me?

Letting go of a long-term relationship can be scary. There are a whole ton of unknowns! But what’s really important is to think of your future. Would you be satisfied if this person was the one you spent the rest of your life with? Or do you spend your nights wondering if there might be someone better out there for you? Whichever question seems more applicable to your relationship should give you a good answer about whether this relationship really has long-term potential.

  1. What would happen if I forgave them?

When deciding if you should make up or break up, one of the most essential questions you have to ask is what happens next. Let’s say you stay, what would the next day look like? Would you be happy with their apology or would you be accepting it because you felt like you had to? The answer could be your make-up or break-up decision.

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3 Sweet Care Package Ideas for Valentine’s Across Campus


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Have you decided what to get that special someone? Whether the person is your college-aged child, a partner studying across the United States, or your new campus boyfriend or girlfriend, these special care packages are sure to make them fall head-over-heels. Here are our three favorite packages to make them think of you this February 14th.

  1. Be Mine

One of the hardest parts of a first Valentine’s Day together is determining what the other person expects of you. For college students on a budget, going all out with dozens of roses, a fancy dinner, or gifts galore may break the bank. That’s why we are in love with the adorable Be Mine care package!


Not only will this be one of the best surprises they are sure to get this year, they will also love how thoughtfully sweet it is! There’s the standards he or she will expect, like candy conversation hearts, and treats they will eat up, like individual packs of popcorn and Cheetos. For those who want to say it from the heart, add a personalized message so they know who their admirer is. If you want to make it a special day, this care package sure knows how to do it!

  1. From the Heart Gift Tower

What’s better than one amazing gift? How about FOUR! For that someone who deserves the best, this From the Heart Gift Tower care package will win over even the hardest to impress. Maybe because it’s a wow moment from start to finish or maybe because you get the traditional and the fun — either way, you’ll make your special someone swoon this Valentine’s Day.


Start with box number one. It’s a gourmet popcorn delight! Those who love sweet and salty will certainly dig the hidden surprise of chocolate truffles stuffed inside. In box number two, you’ve got luxury Lindor chocolates they’ll think are way too decadent (but will still love to devour). And in box number three, you’ll have them flipping over new favorite treats like crunchy chocolate wafer bites enough to share with a roommate or friend. Finally, end their surprise with our personal favorite — caramel covered chocolates! Now that’s one tower of gifts overflowing with love!

  1. Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

One of our favorite traditions as kids was waking up on Valentine’s Day to a special treat. But once you’re in college, that treat is usually another day of cold cereal and long lines at the cafeteria. While you may not be able to be there in person to make the treat yourself, you can promise them a great start to their holiday with the Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed care package.


Your Valentine will love making their own homemade heart shaped pancakes with our easy-to-make pre-made mix and real Canadian maple syrup. There’s even a side of fresh country ham and Maine blueberries for a little extra touch. But you can’t leave out the drinks! Add in a hot cup of Perfect Potful coffee, and you’ve got a morning that they will never forget!