Perfect Winter Outfits for College



The old adage “dress smart, look smart” couldn’t be truer when you’re looking for an outfit that’s both college-appropriate and winter-proof. From walking through mounds of snow to peeling off layers in class, finding the right look can seem next to impossible.

However, these style bloggers have figured out how to thread that needle between fashionable and practical! These are six perfect winter outfits for college you should try out yourself.


Classic Coat

Source: Trendy Crew


Finding the perfect winter coat is essential when you make college walkways your runways. Investing in a coat that can be combined with multiple looks, both casual and chill, is a great way to put it to work. We suggest picking a striking color, such as a lipstick red or indigo blue, so that you could wear it anywhere it looks like a part of your style.


Matching Knits



Tis the season for sweater weather! We are loving old school chunky cable knits and far out designs like this mix of rainbow polka dots and stripes. It adds a much-needed touch of color without being overwhelming or falling into the dreaded “ugly sweater” category. But what really makes this outfit perfect for hanging out with friends on a quad is the matching knit hat as the perfect accessory.


Unexpected Plaids



We all have that comfy plaid button-down we break out on lazy days or for when we’re running late to class. But plaid doesn’t have to be for last resorts or when you know you’re not going to be seen. Plaid is the perfect winter weather fabric for pieces like skirts, leggings, and coats. We especially love how vintage dressy it looks here when added to a cute sweater and pair of black tights.


California Sunshine



That boho, west coast style doesn’t just disappear when the summer concert season is over. You can pull this chic, laid back look off no matter where you’re located. The trick is to find muted colors like creams or pale pinks and then add a 70’s twist. Here, this sweater is rocking the bell sleeve look that is taking over our style feeds.


The Right Accessories



Winter outfits live and die on what you add to them. For this look, it’s all about the extra long, thick sweater in a pop of color the turns heads. She adds another element by utilizing leather gloves and leather moccasins — both practical and a contrasting texture. Finally, there’s the purse. It totally hits the vintage, Parisian theme while also still staying in the natural pastel color scheme of the rest of her outfit.


Extra Layers, Thicker Pants



While fashion is important, warmth is absolutely essential. This style blogger gets it down with the multiple layers of a flannel base, sweater top, and comfy flannel jacket. Where it really wins is actually in the pants. It’s easy to stick to skinny leggings or jeans when fitting in boots, but when you need to kick it up a notch for a more formal look, thicker fabrics in a flare or a wide leg is much more winter approved. Have at least one well-tailored pair in your closet for interviews, date nights, and presentations.


Unique College Winter Break Trips in the U.S.



We’re loving winter break. The last few weeks have been spent filling up on mom’s food, avoiding the recommended reading for next semester, and catching up with old friends. But now, we’re getting a little restless and we’re thinking a winter break trip is a must-do to spend our last few weeks off. These unique college winter break trips in the US are on our destination wishlist.

Nature and the Great Outdoors

No winter break trip list is complete unless you mention skis and snowboards. The weather is perfect for it, even if you just plan on riding the ski lift and sipping hot chocolate in outdoor lounges.


Where you should go: When we think of snow, we think of Colorado. Denver is both affordable, easy to get around, and full of ski slopes. If you need more adventure and have the money to drop, trade in typical Colorado for Alaska wilderness. You’ll get to see the world famous dog mushing while skiing during a moderately busy season.


Beach Reading and Swimming Pools

On the other hand, this list would also be pretty empty if we didn’t talk about the warm weather and sandy beach options. Much of America isn’t quite ready for swims in the ocean, but you can still warm your toes, soak up some sun, and save big on off-season prices at a few US hotspots.


Where you should go: Florida is perfect this time of year, especially Miami and Daytona Beach. It may not be that hot, but it’s still warm enough to pull out the beach chair at a resort. California coastlines are equally great, albeit a bit chillier. If you can afford to fly, make your way to Puerto Rico. You won’t need a passport, but you’ll still get that tropical paradise feel.


Museum Tours and Cultural Events

Who says you can’t get a little education on your winter break? You can take your days off to see the sights and experience what a big city has to offer for you. Luckily for you, if you’re heading to some major cities, you can get good deals on winter tourist passes so you can see more than one sight at a time.


Where you should go: New York is always top of the list, but you shouldn’t forget about Chicago where they have the top ranked art museum in the world or Washington D.C. where you can visit multiple US history museums at zero cost all year round.


A La Carte Paradises and Road Trips

You can get all of this and more from beaches to culture to the outdoors and more. You just have to do a little work and think out of the box when you’re looking for the perfect winter break trip spot. By staying away from top tourist cities or busy resort locations, you can have a unique experience.


Where you should go: New Orleans will give you great weather, fantastic art and city legends, along with loads of opportunities to see wildlife or take authentic boat trips. Texas too has island life, cities full of museums, and spas for a great massage or facial. All of it is within reach with a short flight or an epic road trip.



The Pros & Cons of Taking Winter Intersession Classes



January Term. Winter Intersession. Third Semester. Break Classes. No matter what your university calls them, an ever-increasing number of students are eager to cut their holiday vacation short to go back to school. Whether it be to take a fun course like Intro to Guitar or to cover a class you couldn’t fit into your regular schedule, winter intersession classes have lots to offer. However, before you sign up, consider the pros and cons of taking winter intersession classes. You may find it’s exactly what you need or a bigger hassle than you expected.

Pros of Winter Break Classes

First off, you’ll get a class or two out of the way. Many schools limit how many courses you sign up for because the term is shorter and you’ll have longer classes, but even getting a small jump on your pre-reqs can go a long way. Mainly, it can make sure you graduate on time and reduce the amount of tuition you’ll need to pay or borrow for.

Some of the classes are travel-related. For example, you might be able to take a course on architecture in Italy, religion in India, or environmental engineering in Costa Rica. For those who cannot afford to or have time to commit to a semester or year long international education trip, this is the perfect middle ground opportunity and costs only a fraction of what you would pay to enroll overseas. Plus, it still has that vacation aspect to it!

For many universities, winter intersessions are more about fun and exploration than pre-reqs and travel. Professors teach elective classes that are meant to expand your mind or give you a chance to learn a new skill, rather than to be stuck in a classroom cramming a semester’s worth of biology in two or three weeks. You could immerse yourself in a new language, taking a world cooking class, or finally learn to use that digital camera you got ages ago.

Outside of class offerings, you’ll most likely be able to move back to the half-capacity dorms earlier, hang out with friends sooner, and enjoy less crowded, more personal classrooms. If you’re looking for that quaint, small college feel, now is your time to soak it all in!

Cons of Winter Half-Terms

On the flip side, it’s important to note that many schools treat these periods not as fun and games, but as a challenge to test how much you can learn and retain in a smaller time period. For those on a quarter system, you might be used to only a few weeks of a longer class, but for those attending semester schools, the shortened class can feel rushed and hard to keep up with.

You’ll have less time to complete papers, design presentations, visit research libraries, or study for exams. The classes are usually expanded from a few hours to practically an entire day so don’t count on downtime to get your work done either. And because of how quickly everything moves and because it is break, professors may not be around or have TAs available to review materials with you when you need help. The same goes for writing or math centers and tutors — the break means everything shuts down or becomes more limited.

That stress means it certainly isn’t that stress-free holiday you were hoping for. After getting through Finals week with just the skin of your teeth, you might want to take the break and relax at home with mom and dad. But if you pick the winter classes, you’ll be back to the drafty dorms, living on cafeteria food, and racking your brain over finals papers much faster than you’re ready.

Whether you choose to kick it with your family at your usual vacation spot or take on a class back at campus, it’s important to remember to find the balance that works for you and your college goals.


The Cutest Winter Hats to Rock on Campus



There’s nothing better than the feeling of warm, cozy winter gear. Of course, our coat and scarf combo wouldn’t be complete without a statement hat to really pull together our outfit. From sporty to girly — with vintage and art deco touches, we have tracked down this year’s cutest winter hats that you’ll want to wear around campus.


Knit Berets

When you’re looking to dress up for an outdoor date night to check out the holiday lighting, you’re going to want something a little more upscale than your ratty old hat some aunt made you. The knit beret is the perfect accessory. The yarn style (over traditional felt or cloth) gives it a warm and inviting texture while the shape is still upscale. We love it in jewel tone colors such a gold, turquoise, and ruby red.


Winter Cowboy

We’ve talked so much about brimmed hats for the summer and fall seasons, and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon! So we dub this season the season of winter cowboys and cowgirls! Go for dark leather (or pleather) with accents such as a thick gray ribbon around the brim or a flirty applique like a beaded flower or rhinestones. While it may not keep your ears from the elements, you’ll look like you’re straight off the runway.


‘70s Pom-Pom

Bring on the funky colors, the puffy poms, and the stripes and chevrons! The ‘70s and ‘80s are back with knit hats inspired from your mom’s closet. The hit show This is Us is our inspiration. Mandy Moore’s flashback character sporting some of the cutest snow-appropriate hats we’ve seen. Think brown, tan, and green and then add a poof ball on top that’s slightly oversized. You’ll feel like the kid out of the magazine.


Chunky Tassels

While you’re looking at knitted hats or asking your crafty sister to make you one, ask her to add on some tassels just because. Sure, they’re really not that functional, but who cares when you can twist them around or treat them as an extension of your long hair. We especially love it when you’re going to an end-of-the-year football game or walking around campus with your friends. The bigger the better for this look to work. You really want them to stand out as part of your hat style.


Rounded Riding Caps

If you really want to rock a look completely unique, go for the riding cap. It’s hitting it big this year, especially on runways in Europe. The rounded hat without the brim isn’t for everyone, but it will turn heads. Keep it simple in neutral colors like black or tan. Match it with a knit coat to add texture or go full-out with the theme and add knee-high boots, leather gloves, and leggings.


Velvet, Fur, and Felt

We’ve mentioned texture a lot, but it’s so important when it comes to hats. It will truly define your winter style. So if you’re over knit, what’s left? This year, you’ll find a lot of felt to replace wool. It’s thicker and a bit more luxurious. Velvet is also in for hats that are more like fascinators (think British) and more decorative than functional. And fur, especially bolder colors and extra fluffy are becoming fashionista favorites of stars like the Kardashians. Whatever you choose, balance it out with a coat that is a different texture. Don’t match fur with fur or velvet with velvet. Mix it up, have fun, and find what works for you!  


Tips & Tricks: the Winter Instagram Lull


I’ll be the first to admit that I take a little hit in the Insta-inspiration (Insta-spiration??) department when the winter months roll around. No more are those awesome summer sunsets, cute beach outfits, sun-soaked selfies, or constant scenic documentation of (the much more frequent) outdoor adventures. Nope. Now it’s cold and dreary. You’re holed up inside, or worse, you’re outside with all that used-to-be summer cuteness smothered in layers. So what’s there to ‘gram?!


Thankfully, there are options to keep those creative juices flowing on Instagram through these trying times. Take note below!!

Take advantage of your snowy locations!

Scenic shots aren’t just for beach days. Out for a day on the slopes? Taking a stroll through a winter wonderland? Get ‘gramming!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.04.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.05.09 AM

Get creative in the kitchen!

I’ve been really into cooking and baking lately, and of course, I’ve been even more into eating lately. Take advantage of all those goodies, homemade or at your favorite restaurant, with a winning pic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.13.49 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.21.34 AM copy

Get indoorsy!

There’s plenty of indoor scenery to be taken advantage of. Keep your eyes open for the beauty in everything (whether or not there’s actually a fire in the fireplace).

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.35.08 AM copy

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.38.08 AM

Well there you have it- there’s no need to limit your photo-ops through the winter hiatus.

Good luck; I can’t wait to see those posts!!

Winter Jackets To Wear On Campus


Now that nearly every part of the country is finally experiencing some form of chilly weather, it’s time to start looking for winter jackets.  Nothing good comes from you walking outside on a frigid campus without a proper coat on; at the least you’ll be miserable. In serious cases, however, you could end up getting pretty sick.  Depending on what kind of weather you’re dealing with on a daily basis, there are several jacket options that will keep you just as toasty as the coffee you’re probably running to get.

1. Pea Coats

Minimal + Chic | @codeplusform:

For the college student who always wants to look fashionable, a pea coat is the perfect option.  They’re stylish, match practically every style, and function well in a majority of environments.

2. Quilted Jackets

Enlarge ASOS WHITE Grey Marl Quilted Jacket:

If you’re in a chillier part of the country, gravitate towards puffer or quilted jackets.  The extra lining on the outside provides more insulation, keeping you warmer during single digit temperatures.  These are also often waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about snow or ice ruining the exterior.

3. Fleece Pullovers

PATAGONIA WOMEN'S RE-TOOL SNAP-T® FLEECE PULLOVER | $119 Size: Small   Color: Andes Blue - Cobalt Blue X-Dye ABCX-022  15% off code: M2981385 Valid through Dec 23rd:

Perhaps the comfiest option of all, pullovers are casual and warm alternatives to typical coats.  If you’re in a hurry, a pullover can easily be thrown on or taken with you as an extra layer of warmth against the cold.

What’s your favorite type of winter jacket?

Snow For Beginners: How To Survive on Campus


Going to college means you’re quite possibly in a new state that has different weather patterns than the one you are used to living in. And, as many of you have noticed, this winter has been a bear! Literally, the sometimes sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow blanketing the US has had schools closed for some and inches upon inches of snow for others. Let’s not forget the freezing rain and ice. So, if you haven’t learned to ‘brave the storm’ so to speak yet, here’s a few ways to get used to the chill of winter. (Unless, of course, you live in Melbourne, Australia and are being rained down on with bats too hot to fly.. yuck).

(read all about it, here).

1) Watch Your Step: Snow may LOOK light and fluffy, but there’s a few times when it’s more slippery than usual. When it first starts to snow, the ground is powdered with a light dusting of the icy precipitation, making your footing extra slippery. If you have to walk to class in the snow, wear shoes with good traction like boots. Of course, snow and ice always leads to an icy experience, but the day after it snows is always a concern. At this point, the snow has had a chance to blanket your beautiful campus, and also has had a chance to ice up and create icy layers. Be careful for shiny patches on the walkway, and make sure you go for salted and paved areas.

2) Bundle Up: I don’t really have to tell you this because the second you walk out of your residence hall you’ll be hit with the arctic blast of winter chill. BUT just to heed caution to the wind (no pun intended), here’s a few ways to keep those feetsies warm. First off, there isn’t any shame in double layering your socks. If your feet get cold easily and you hate the feeling of cold air on your ankles, put on some long socks and an extra pair over those. No one’s going to judge you if you want to mismatch your favorite KB neon colored socks under those snow boots. Go for it.

The next step? Long Johns, of course. Don’t have any? Throw on a pair of leggings under your jeans or sweatpants. They really are the most multi-functional piece of your wardrobe. After you’ve got your socks and leggings on, put on a long sleeved shirt under one of your favorite hoodies or thick sweaters. This season chunky cable knit sweaters are super in, and really trendy too. Pair it with a nice thick infinity scarf, your favorite big coat, a slouchy hat and your snow boots and you’re set to go! Don’t forget those gloves, either. You’re not going to want to be the only one with freezing hands when that snowball fight breaks out.


(Mittens from here)


3) Staying Healthy: It’s pretty common that with cold weather comes colds and sickness. Everyone around you will also be fighting the cold and some of them might even pick up a case of the flu or sniffles. In any environment where there’s common space shared such as a library, elevator, gym, classrooms or even your residence hall common room, there’s opportunity to spread germs. In order to stay healthy and avoid spreading your germs to others you need to be proactive in your preparation techniques. This includes things like carrying tissues around to stop your sniffles, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer/wipes, taking cold or flu preventative methods such as Emergen-C or Zicam and getting lots of sleep! Eating all of the right nutrients and staying hydrated is also important in keeping your immune system strong.

There are tons of other ways to fight the cold weather and strengthen your relationship with the one thing we all used to love when we were younger: snow days! These are just a few ideas to get you up and motivated to trek through your snow covered campus. Have any other ideas? Share them with us!