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Supplies for Surviving College Dorm Bathrooms

What You Need to Know Before Moving Into Your Dorm This Semester
College Life

Self Care Sunday: Self Care Tips for Dorm Life

Take a break and treat yourself to a little self-love this weekend.
College Life

6 No-Cook Dorm Room Recipes to Kick Your Campus Eating Up A Notch

Here are a few easy and ovenless recipes to try whenever you need a break from dining hall meals.
College Life

6 Gluten Free Microwavable Recipes to Make in Your Dorm Room

DonÔÇÖt Have Access to a Kitchen? Make These Recipes in Your Dorm Room Microwave
Buying Guides

5 Best Gifts to Give Your University of Maryland Grad

Graduation brings about a whole lot of unknowns. Give your grad something to look forward to
Dorm Decor

The Top Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Small Dorm Closet Organized

Stuck with a small closet in your dorm room? Here are the best tips and tricks to make the best out of your small dorm closet!
College Life

7 Essential Organizational Tools for Acing Your Upcoming Remote Semester

How to stay organized in college now that there is a high chance your university might remain closed for the fall
Dorm Decor

Monday Blues: Blue Dorm Room Ideas

Is your favorite color blue, but youÔÇÖre not sure how to decorate your dorm room? Here is the best blue dorm room decor to take your favorite color to the next level in style!

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