The 10 Best Blogs for College Students


Best Blogs for College Students
Sometimes you just want to connect with people like you — college writers who talk about what you’re going through and who may have awesome tips and tricks to get you through your day. Blogs for and written by college students are an excellent addition to your reading material. Whether they’re talking about their relationships and dating or just commiserating about their least favorite morning lecture, you’ll love reading these 10 best blogs for college students.

Top 10 Blogs for College Students

1. Broke Millennial
Okay, so being called “millennials” might be a little passé — but this blog, written by a recent college grad and financial expert, makes it seem kind of cool. She talks about all things finances, from getting out of your parent’s house post-graduation to side hustling for extra cash.

2. PostSecret
PostSecret is not written by college students, nor is it specific to college life. But there is something about regular people sharing their deepest, most emotional secrets on a simple postcard that makes you feel more connected than ever. Updated every weekend, you’ll want to laugh and cry in one reading.

3. College Cures
Want to know the best time for an afternoon nap? How about party theme ideas for your next get together? College Cures knows all, tells all, and shows all — without the prerequisites.

4. Study Hacks
When you want motivation or tricks to ace the next exam, Study Hacks has got your back. With a mission to teach students how to power on the brain and up productivity, this college professor will teach you exactly what you need to know.

5. College Candy
Part relationships, part pop culture, part advice, you’ll get the best of all worlds by reading regularly updated content relevant to your day. We promise that College Candy will give you good talking points at your next party.

6. Studeconomics
Written by a recent grad, financial expert, and semi-pro wrestler, you won’t only learn more about earning and saving money, but Studeconomics will also show you how to gain confidence in yourself. Now that makes for a good blog read!

7. Hack College
You may know how to create a speaker system using a towel roll and you’re pretty confident when it comes to filling out grad school applications. But what about the rest? When you’re not sure where to turn, Hack College is the go-to for all things college, including personal stories and how-to’s you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Collegiate Cook
Want to eat well but have to endure the college kitchen (or lack thereof)? Have no fear because Collegiate Cook will teach you how to be a chef with the bare bones ingredients and supplies. Ranging from healthy to splurge, your stomach will thank you.

9. Broke and Beautiful
BaB is made for the stylista without the wallet to match. Whether you’re into makeup or shoes, necklaces or hairstyles, there’s something for everyone. There’s even a rundown of ethical brands that’ll make you feel great about any purchases you decide on.

10. HerCampus
Harvard girls started this amazing tell-all blog that features both style and personal stories. The content isn’t from just them (they’ve graduated). Instead, it features a wide range of writers so you can pick and choose which storyteller you want to hear from.

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