The Cutest Winter Hats to Rock on Campus



There’s nothing better than the feeling of warm, cozy winter gear. Of course, our coat and scarf combo wouldn’t be complete without a statement hat to really pull together our outfit. From sporty to girly — with vintage and art deco touches, we have tracked down this year’s cutest winter hats that you’ll want to wear around campus.


Knit Berets

When you’re looking to dress up for an outdoor date night to check out the holiday lighting, you’re going to want something a little more upscale than your ratty old hat some aunt made you. The knit beret is the perfect accessory. The yarn style (over traditional felt or cloth) gives it a warm and inviting texture while the shape is still upscale. We love it in jewel tone colors such a gold, turquoise, and ruby red.


Winter Cowboy

We’ve talked so much about brimmed hats for the summer and fall seasons, and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon! So we dub this season the season of winter cowboys and cowgirls! Go for dark leather (or pleather) with accents such as a thick gray ribbon around the brim or a flirty applique like a beaded flower or rhinestones. While it may not keep your ears from the elements, you’ll look like you’re straight off the runway.


‘70s Pom-Pom

Bring on the funky colors, the puffy poms, and the stripes and chevrons! The ‘70s and ‘80s are back with knit hats inspired from your mom’s closet. The hit show This is Us is our inspiration. Mandy Moore’s flashback character sporting some of the cutest snow-appropriate hats we’ve seen. Think brown, tan, and green and then add a poof ball on top that’s slightly oversized. You’ll feel like the kid out of the magazine.


Chunky Tassels

While you’re looking at knitted hats or asking your crafty sister to make you one, ask her to add on some tassels just because. Sure, they’re really not that functional, but who cares when you can twist them around or treat them as an extension of your long hair. We especially love it when you’re going to an end-of-the-year football game or walking around campus with your friends. The bigger the better for this look to work. You really want them to stand out as part of your hat style.


Rounded Riding Caps

If you really want to rock a look completely unique, go for the riding cap. It’s hitting it big this year, especially on runways in Europe. The rounded hat without the brim isn’t for everyone, but it will turn heads. Keep it simple in neutral colors like black or tan. Match it with a knit coat to add texture or go full-out with the theme and add knee-high boots, leather gloves, and leggings.


Velvet, Fur, and Felt

We’ve mentioned texture a lot, but it’s so important when it comes to hats. It will truly define your winter style. So if you’re over knit, what’s left? This year, you’ll find a lot of felt to replace wool. It’s thicker and a bit more luxurious. Velvet is also in for hats that are more like fascinators (think British) and more decorative than functional. And fur, especially bolder colors and extra fluffy are becoming fashionista favorites of stars like the Kardashians. Whatever you choose, balance it out with a coat that is a different texture. Don’t match fur with fur or velvet with velvet. Mix it up, have fun, and find what works for you!  


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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

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