The Dairy Free Life



Last semester I used to eat all the ice cream, cheese, and cereal with milk that I wanted. Maybe I ate too much of it because this semester did not turn out how I wanted it to. Here is my version of being lactose-intolerant.

Coming into my freshman year of college, I did gain the freshman 8 (not 15), from all the late night Dominos orders, binge watching Netflix shows and eating tubs of ice cream — because why not. Some things that I have learned from becoming lactose-intolerant…..

1. Acne

I have noticed I do not have as much acne on my face as I used to and my skin has become much healthier!

2. Lactaid Pills

These things suck. Honestly, unless you’re in the mood for a big ice cream sundae and a lava cake then it is not worth having dairy (for those of you who don’t know, these pills won’t let you go to the bathroom).

3. Bloating

You definitely don’t feel bloated all the time. I feel as if I am also not always hungry.

4. Milk

No more of that yummy 2 percent or any of that pure milk. Stick to soy, almond and obviously Lactaid free!

5. Pizza

Going to be a hard life not having that delicious pizza pie at 2 a.m….

6. Strong bones

The reason why mothers give their children milk when they’re younger is to give them strong bones… unfortunately, that will not be the case anymore

If anyone is feeling as much pain as I am… don’t worry, us dairy free people will stay close together!

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Ariel Sabo

Ariel Sabo

Ariel is an incoming freshman at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Originally from New Jersey, Ariel is making the move to Connecticut to pursue a major in Journalism and a minor in Public Relations. This summer she worked at a local day camp, which she described as the opportunity of a lifetime to teach and help kindergarten boys. In the fall and winter of her senior year, Ariel also had the opportunity to be varsity captain cheerleader at her high school. Ariel is extremely close with her family and loves singing, dancing, photography and tennis. Keep up with her freshman year by following her on Instagram: (@aarriieell8)!
Ariel Sabo

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