The End Of The Summer Before College Series


Happy Thursday, blogging world!

I cannot believe that it is already August! It feels like just yesterday that I was shocked over the arrival of July! Anyhow, now that August has arrived, it is time for my ÔÇ£Summer Before College SeriesÔÇØ to come to an end. I know; I am very upset too! This summer series has been very eventful. From D.I.Y.s to essentials, I have given you plenty of advice on what to bring and what not to bring. All of the advice that I have given you was based on my experiences at the University of Pittsburgh for the past two years. I have been through it all: move-in, meal plan decisions, packing, loans, financial aid, joining an organization, working, and studying. And, I hope that my experiences have helped you to get a better grasp of what to expect in the fall.

If you have followed my blog series thus far, then you will know that I am very thorough and very detail-oriented. That is why I believe that if you follow all of my blogs, then you will be as prepared as possible for your first year at college!

I hope that this series has probed you to think of new ideas and essentials for college that you have never thought of. That was my goal: to make you more prepared for college than you were at the beginning of the summer. Did it work?

So now that my series is over, I know what you are thinking. ÔÇ£Where will I continue to get advice?ÔÇØ That is the beauty of OCMÔÇÖs blog. It was created to help incoming freshmen just like you! Keep following OCMÔÇÖs blog, as well as their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The other bloggers, also college students, give excellent advice week after week on a number of topics. Be sure to follow them so that you get everything ready for your exciting year to come! They will not lead you astray!

So, I leave you with the official end of the series! I will be back with one more surprise bonus blog this week, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog page! Additionally, do not forget to keep following OCMÔÇÖs blog so that you can gain some extra advice from experienced students!

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