The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding
When you’re planning out next year’s dorm room (or your first space away from your parents), it can be hard to think through all that you need. That’s why we recommend that you start with finding the perfect bedding. It’s your main focal point in a small space, and with most bedding choices featuring a bold color or pattern, you’ll want to be conscious of how you mix and match the rest of your decor with it. That’s why we came up with a must-have list of all the most common items you’ll need to coordinate with your bedding. Shopping has never been this easy!

10 Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

1. Rug

Outside your bedding, your floor is the next major space you can spruce up. Having a rug on a cement floor is not only important for keeping your space warm and cozy, but also for showing off your design talents. We recommend going with a vice versa policy when matching with bedding. When your bedding is bright or dark, pair with a neutral colored rug; if it’s solid, find a rug with a pattern.

2. Window Coverings

Then there are windows. They can make a huge difference in how your look comes together. You may want to consider buying two different versions depending on your needs. For example, while we love the look of an ethereal, translucent white window drape on almost every dorm design, you may want to consider a solid colored light blocking version if you’re more concerned about sleep style.

3. Towels and Linens

Do towels and linens have to match your bedding? Oh no! But if you plan on having them out on display (for example on a towel rack), you may want to consider keeping it all in the same color scheme. Don’t forget to buy multiples though — you’ll need an extra set every once in a while.

4. Lighting

There are so many options when it comes to lighting up your dorm room. We love simplicity, such as lighting that clips onto the side of the bed or desk. These little lights are a perfect extension to your bedding style, so be sure to pick one that compliments your bed design.

5. Desk Supplies

We’re not for matching everything, but you can keep a look flowing with little elements, such as floral bedding accentuated by a floral patterned pin board above your desk, or a few supplies holders in red or pink. It’s a simple way of tying it all together without going too overboard.

6. Pillows and Throws

You’ll almost certainly have guests over at some point. But where will they sit? Extra seating made by a few throw pillows for the floor, a dorm-sized sofa, or a throw blanket to curl up under can extend your sitting space from the bed to wherever needed. That’s why we pick pillows and throws that compliment a style or theme, such as Southwestern inspired pillows with Southwestern inspired bedding.

7. Clocks and Wall Hangings

Finally, when space is limited (like it always is in a dorm or small apartment), you must look up, over and around for ideas. Wall art can be anything from Art Deco clocks, horseshoes from home, or a favorite movie poster print. Get creative in how you display your items, such as hanging pictures above your favorite bedding on a clothes wire or creating a canopy of funky fabrics from your ceiling.
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