Which Sunglasses Fit Your Face Shape?


Since their inception, sunglasses have been used for so much more than just shielding our eyes from the sun.  With purposes ranging from masking sleepy eyes in the am, to adding a touch of ‘cool factor’ to an ensemble, it is easy to see why sunglasses are essential accessories to own.  With new affordable shapes and sizes sprouting up almost monthly, it is hard to refrain from buying all and rotating styles.  While no one is holding you back from having a few options, there is a system behind shopping for sunnies.  It all starts with finding the right frame that compliments your face shape.  Read on the find out which sunglasses look great on each of the most common face shapes!


 Heart Shaped

A heart shaped face is characterized as having a wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin.  To add more width to the lower part of the face, try finding sunglasses that bring your eyes downward.  A heart shaped face looks great with wayfairer, round, or cat-eye styles.



Narrow, or oblong, faces have a broad forehead, narrow cheeks, and a pointy.  Those with narrow faces can support more oversized shades and should choose those that draw the eye upward, like a wrapping style.



This type of face shape contains a broad forehead with square jawline. To balance out the strong features, try a Round, oval, cat-eye style. Stay away from any type of sunglass that has sharp lines to avoid overcomplicating things since the face already is angular.



A circular shaped face has full cheekbones, balanced proportions, and few angles. To add length to the face, try wide or rectangle frames. Always avoid round frames.  The face is already round and it will make your face appear fuller.



The oval face shape is by far the most balanced of all the face shapes.  Those with an oval face are in luck!  This shape can support almost any type of sunglass style.  So experiment and chose a style that suits your personality!

Of course, there are other parts of the system to think about before buying sunglasses.  Always try to think about your lifestyle and the activities you partake in daily.  If you are a more active person, maybe a sportier shade would suit you best.  Make sure they are comfortable and fit appropriately.  Sunglasses that do not fit your face properly will most likely not be worn, and will prove to become a waste of money.  And remember, it is worth paying a little extra for full protection.  Without full UVA and UVB protection, our eyes become more dilated, allowing more harmful rays to enter our eyes.  Look for glasses that offer full UV protection and are polarized to make sure your eyes are safe from the sun, and there is no glare.  Last but certainly not least, don’t forget that sunglasses are not only accessories worn during the summer months.  Shades can be worn all year long, so choose a style tht can be carried over into each season.

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