Your First Valentine’s Day Together: What to Gift Them!



Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays. After all, who doesn’t want a day all about love (and candy, and chocolates, and delicious meals)? But when you’re just starting a new relationship, the day can feel like a minefield. On the one hand, you don’t want to go too big and scare or overwhelm your new significant other. On the other hand, you certainly don’t want to forget it altogether and risk hurting his or her feelings. That’s why we have compiled a list of our favorite first Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to use when you’re stuck.


A Homemade Card

When money is tight or time is limited, sometimes the best thing you can do is to go with old-school pen to paper. This is your chance to express how you feel, remember some special times you shared together, or take a moment to say you care. While simple is often the best choice, if you can craft, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with the DIY-ing and Pinterest inspiration. Just skip the glitter and save the mess!

Care Packages

Taking care of yourself is often forgotten, especially when you’re in college. Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to help your partner refocus on what matters most — themselves! Sending a surprise care package, like one full of healthy treats or shampoos and scented washes, is a great and inexpensive way to pamper without shelling out for a spa day.

Decadent Desserts

Outside of health and wellness, Valentine’s Day is also an excuse to pig out on desserts you wouldn’t just have every day. Our favorite options include red velvet cake and extra large cookie cakes. Stomach aches may or may not be included.

Rose-less Bouquets

Flowers are always a good choice for the lady in your life. However, roses on Valentine’s Day can be overpriced and may send a message you’re not exactly ready to send just yet. Plus, it’s so unoriginal. Instead, get inventive and save big bucks by heading to your local florist to create your own fresh bouquet using more underappreciated flowers like pink and purple calla lilies or vibrant zinnias.

Comfy PJs

Why Valentine’s Day has to be in winter, we’ll never know. But it is great for inspiring some awesome cuddle sessions. Keep them cozy all night long with a new pair of pajamas. Hearts are a must but don’t be afraid to add some humor like with footed pajamas he or she would have to be bold enough to wear out.

Framed Pictures

Add a unique picture frame to your Valentine’s Day DIY-to-do list. For most relationships, you probably don’t have many actual pictures of the two of you outside of Facebook or Instagram. That’s why there’s just something so special and meaningful behind getting an actual framed picture of a favorite moment or candid photo. DIY by spray painting and adding extras like scrabble tiles with your initials or buttons and doily lace for a more expensive look.

Inside Jokes Come True

If you’ve been together longer than a few weeks, you probably have a few running jokes only you two can understand. Why not share those funny moments or phrases in a literal way. Create a piece of wall art to hang or check out a funny stuffed bear (an added twist on a Valentine’s favorite).


Whatever you do, make sure it’s from your heart. Whether you’ve been together a day or 364 days, your first Valentine’s Day together should be special and unique!

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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

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